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Flower beauty | Chardonnay looking back, it is still the Sohu in the Summer Hill – Montrachet. – and to Wine love actually and for people like love, is divided into two types: one is drowning in three thousand independent pet and a specific person, one is still not as much as you see the flowers affectionate. I have seen every kind of Chardonnay beauty: Chile, New Zealand, California fresh and pure fragrance… However, looking back, it is still the favorite in the Summer Hill – Montrachet (Chassagne-Montrachet). The wine Chateau (2012 flower beauty archives Montrachet Village Summer Hill – 2012 Prosper Maufoux Wine) white Chassagne-Montrachet, Cote de Beaune, France [Li Zhiyan 88-89] score: Tasting Notes: the white Wine mature, modern, is an excellent choice for the love of full bodied, long aftertaste of white Wine people. Type: white Wine capacity: 750ml winery: flower beauty winery level: Burgundy · village level serving temperature: 10-13 degrees region: France » Burgundy » Bourne hills » Summer Hill – Montrachet grape variety: Chardonnay 100% world wine online mall price: ¥ 508 ¥ 458 (coupons minus 50) even if only Pinot Noir Chardonnay (Piont Noir) and a red and white two varieties, Burgundy is still many Wine master known as the most complex, the most difficult, the most expensive Wine areas. A Burgundy, we’ll just start their most important customs. Why is the Summer Hill – Montrachet extraordinary Hill (Cote de Beaune Bourne of Burgundy) the south is located in a small village, called the Summer Hill – montrachet. The village has more than 197 hectares of land is planted with Chardonnay vineyards, little, together with a large reservoir almost. The village received AOC certification in 1937, produced the world’s most beautiful, the most complex, most white Wine stop, lead a person to endless aftertastes. It is next door and Pliny – Montrachet (Puligny-Montrachet) was recognized as a village with France and the world Chardonnay prince. Two hundred million years ago, when the dinosaurs and all kinds of strange creatures dominate the earth, Burgundy terroir began to accumulate. At that time the Montrachet or a world of waters, with all day after day, year after year of reincarnation, the dead sea creatures here for the accumulation of a large number of calcareous soil. In the next more than 100 million years, and layers of sand, marl, limestone, form the diversity and unique soil. Every time in the village blowing vineyard to listen to people say that the wind winery, I have a tyrannosaurus underfoot majestic-looking illusion. But the summer mountain – mongolia!相关的主题文章: