Foshan seventy lady Mi doctor CPR to save the kneeling down (video)

Foshan seventy lady Mi doctor CPR to save the ground kneel Guangzhou daily Foshan news (reporter correspondent Liu Pengfei ye Hui Xin) street after artificial respiration rescue, the warmth of the story and staged in Foshan. Yesterday morning, Foshan city hospital emergency department physician Tang Qi in the subway station through a professional cardiopulmonary resuscitation techniques to rescue the fallen mother. After the rescue, the patient recovered heartbeat breathing, then was diagnosed with acute myocardial infarction. Patients currently undergoing PCI surgery (coronary intervention), consciousness has been restored. At 7:50 yesterday, the convenience store card traffic in Tang Qi Temple subway station, subway station when he suddenly heard someone shouting "someone fainted". He hurried out of the convenience store, see there are people faint in the ground, the staff are viewing the situation, Tang Qi quickly rushed to swipe into the station, to the site of the incident. I saw a woman about 70 years old fell to the ground, no family members. In that capacity, Tang Qi and staff will work together over her mother-in-law, breathing is extremely weak, do not touch the carotid pulse, Tang Qi immediately cardiopulmonary resuscitation, the implementation of chest compressions, subway station staff also dialed 120. While waiting for the arrival of emergency personnel, Tang Qi has been continuous, standardized for patients with external cardiac compression. Emergency personnel arrived, he explained the situation to continue to assist the rescue after the rescue, and use the balloon ventilation to help patients. Later, Tang Qi followed her mother rushed to the hospital ambulance. At that time the patient situation is very critical, more than a number of personal strength." Tang Qi said. Until the hospital medical staff took over after the rescue, Tang Qicai rest assured. At present, the patient recovered after the recovery of heart breathing, was diagnosed with acute myocardial infarction, has undergone PCI surgery (coronary intervention surgery), consciousness has been restored. For this courageous, Tang Qi said he just did the doctor, "I have met a lot of patients who lost their lives without timely cardiopulmonary resuscitation, feel very sorry, so I did not think the first time rushed to rescue." (Guangzhou daily) [Foshan] Reading beauty Street kneeling save for CCTV attention相关的主题文章: