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Business But is the free hosting service dependable for long term perspective, this doubt is created in the minds of client. The first ever .pany that offered free web hosting services gained all the profit just by advertising in the sites posted in them. By following this they set a trend in the race of internet service providers to have a profitable venture. For clients this offer given by the web hosting .panies became very tempting and hard to refuse. Earlier the web hosting .panies offered free Web hosting with very poor technical and hardware support. Because of this the customer lost valuable time and a lot of money. But nowadays free hosting on the web is secure fast and effective. Domain name issues of user In addition to the free hosting service provided by web hosting .panies, users were fixed to use sub domain names which was connected at the end site name; this made searching of the site difficult for new users. Due to these issues most of the users preferred paid services but now free hosting are secure and one can get domain names of their liking. Free Web hosting services offers a great deal, now there are lots of web hosting service providers to choose from, it has be.e really very easy for the users to choose best services according to his needs and requirements. Now many .panies are allowing users to use Cpanel Hosting in free web hosting services. Addition of Cpanel and E.merce in free web hosting services There are several free web hosting service providers who are now offering Cpanel Hosting, PHP and My SQL support and are having good storage and providing users with effective bandwidth that is needed for their site. Web hosting .panies are now offering Cpanel Hosting where the user can provide their personal domain names. All those people who are having a non-.mercial aim or are having a tight budget to avail a paid web hosting service can choose free hosting service. E.merce hosting became very potentially and profitable .merce. The web hosting fee varies from services to services, and supports lots of features, the quality and the quantity of the attributes provided depends from site to site. Even though web hosting .pany that offers their services are for free, there may be many various ways for the web hosting .pany to make profits for themselves such as by selling ads to the future users that are hosted on their webpage. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: