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Fujian released the fifth batch of old Nanping two companies on the list recently, the Fujian Provincial Department of Commerce announced that the proposed Fujian Province, the fifth batch of Fujian old business. This batch of "Fujian time-honored" a total of 18, including the two companies in the list: Fujian Jianou Yellow Wine Co. Ltd, Huashan, Fujian Dongping sorghum brewing co.. At present, Fujian has identified the 4 batch of the Fujian old enterprises, the Ministry of Commerce identified Fujian Province, China’s old name enterprises 34, 68. Jianou Yellow Wine Co. Ltd, Huashan province is currently the most flavor production, production and sales of the largest liquor making enterprises. Founded in 1956, formerly known as Jianou winery. In 1997, it was restructured into a state-owned holding company. In October 2004, it was transformed into a private enterprise, that is, Jianou Huang Huashan Brewery Co., ltd.. Huang Huashan rice burning is one of its star products. Now the most famous flagship product for the blessing spear cellar wine. Dongping sorghum Brewing Co. Ltd. is located in the town of Dongping County, Fujian Province is here since the famous "tea wine"". In 1958, Dongping winery was founded, production of "Dongping Sorghum" since 1975 for many years as a northern province of liquor and quality products in the industry known as "south gate, north of Dongping, said. (Zhuo Ruyin)相关的主题文章: