Fuzhou Huahai bestie careless mother and a busy turn son lost splitit

Fuzhou Huahai bestie careless mother and a busy turn son lost Haidu reporter Wu Zhen correspondent Gaishan comprehensive mother and bestie pictures, 3 year old boy ran. Fortunately, the boy met the police kindly, the police took him to find his family in Fuzhou flower park looking for an hour. Finally, the boy’s mother called the police, the boy finally saw the careless mother. Yesterday morning 10, Gaishan community police station patrol in Huahai Park, found a 3 year old boy lost. The police found him, the boy is on the sea park bus station crying, because young children, the police do not know their parents about it from his mouth. The child may be judged with the family to the park to see the flowers of sunflower lost, holding the children to the park for children at the same time, the information reported to the police station. Looking for an hour after the police hold near the boy to the park for lunch. 11:30 at noon, police received a report that his son in Huahai Park lost, with the boy very well. Alarm person surnamed Zhang, 29 years old this year. After verification, the police determined that the boy is the son of Ms. zhang. Ms. Zhang told the police, his morning and bestie with children to the park to see flowers sunflowers, during which she and bestie are taking pictures, ignore the children, when she turned, the child had disappeared. At the police station to see his son, Ms. Zhang said repeatedly that "baby mama was wrong, I’m sorry you mom". Police remind, Huahai park every season many tourists, and the surrounding traffic is complex, traffic is heavy, the parents take their children to the flowers, we must pay attention to take good care of their children, in order to avoid the lost situation.相关的主题文章: