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Religion There seems to be those in the world who are looking for some kind of a magic bullet. That, one easily administered cure to all that ails them, and who would refuse such a thing if it were actually available. Perhaps this Magic Bullet has been here all along but we have been looking in the wrong place for it… Obviously we suspect that such is indeed the case and that we are speaking of God’s Magic Bullet. Assuming we have your attention it must be observed that the formulation of this cure is not the problem as that has been provided fully intact. The problem, is in the easily administered part, because you must self medicate and mortal resistance will oppose that. Faith is God’s Magic Bullet and faith .es by hearing the Word of God, so in theory, we give you the Word of God and you self medicate by Believing it and we all live happily ever after. Like we said, simple in theory but for that resistance thing we would shove it down your throat for you… So then, for the purpose of mortal assimilation let us call this hard pill to swallow, "Grace" and see if we can’t help it to go down just a bit smoother. Faith in God is the Grace of God in action. Therefore, by examining Grace we should learn how to apply Faith. Is that another one of those sounds simple in theory doesn’t it theories? How do we explain Grace? Imagine this scene if you will: You are walking down the street one day and you hear this warm and gentle humming sound. You look up over your shoulder and you see this pretty little cloud floating towards you and then realize that someone is driving that cloud. Then we pull up in our Cloud Buggy and shout down to you: Hey, How do you like our Cloud Buggy? So you yell back, where did you get that? Then we drop a ladder down from our Cloud Buggy called Grace and say: "We just climbed the ladder." That is how Grace works; it is the Ladder and the Cloud Buggy as well as all the Heights your Cloud Buggy may attain as well and the Throne Room where you disembark. How did we go from magic bullet to cloud buggies? Doesn’t really matter so long as we get a Revelation of Grace. Faith might be God’s Magic Bullet but Grace is how it’s administered. Regardless of whether you swallow an imaginary pill or ride away in your cloud buggy, so long as you access the Love of God by Grace you are right on track. Ooops did someone just spill the beans and let the cat out of the bag??? The Love of God, that’s what we are really talking about isn’t it? Of course it is and we know it because that is what we are saying. Ordinarily we would never profane such a sacred thing by dragging it down to the mortal level far enough to talk about it. But since you asked… The Love of God is Source to Grace and Grace is Source to Faith and faith without absolute forgiveness is unbelief. Unbelief is over.e by first personal and then Universal forgiveness, which is done by Faith and is the Love of God in action. That’s enough about the unspeakable; let’s get back to something we can talk about. Faith is the Magic Bullet of God, we have established that much. Is Grace like Love, up there in the unspeakable category, or is there more we could say to do justice to its Magnificence. By now you should already know for yourself that BOTH is the answer to that rhetorical question. Since Grace remains unspeakable let’s say something about it and find the first rung on that ladder we were talking about earlier. Grace is the Love of God in action; I think we have established that as well. Are you ready for a Real Tool you can use to wrench your psyche yet? Hope so because here it .es… Every moment of our lives we are being called to make a choice. Funny thing is there are only Two Choices and we always make the wrong one. The reason there are only two choices is simple and that is energetic .patibility. Like AC / DC the choices are clear and for the sake of reference let’s say that God operates by DC Energy as an Immortal and that all mortals operate by AC energy, which is what keeps them mortal. Are you Seeing how to use that wrench yet? The choices are simple like Truth or deception, left or right, what you do not choose will not be a part of your experience. How simple is that??? Here’s how this wrench turns; Love or Fear are your only options to choose from at any given moment and the ego (conditioned mortal indoctrination) is the voice for fear and Thundering Silence (Unconditional Source) is the Voice for Love in your Soul. Let’s get those wrenches turning and dismantle this obscene mortal ignorance once and for all. God has made you Immortal and we are just telling you about it, it will always be up to you to Believe God for yourself regardless of what we say about it. We might have math to back it up and a Book that tells all about it, but until you Know the Untold Story of Christ Jesus for yourself; you must remain ignorant and most likely therefore, mortal like the rest of deceived humanity. Sorry about your luck, hey here’s a clue, .e boldly to the Throne of God’s Grace and receive your Magic Bullet by Faith… AMEN!!! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: