Grand track hot topic constantly perfect day of Lin Yun beam quiet flowers

"Grand track" hot topic constantly perfect day of Lin Yun beam quiet flowers Tencent entertainment news multioritation Chinese first reality show CG fantasy epic "grand track" to attract the audience and the media since its release. The play in a special way to shoot, to create a reality can not be achieved in a special world, but also the first time the animated characters really have a real actor with the acting". In the "grand track", Fan Bingbing, Yan Yikuan, Amber Kuo and other entertainment "predecessors" performance is very good, Lin Yun, Wu Yifan, Chen Xuedong, Wang Yuan, the new generation of actors also offer amazing performances for the audience. Lin Yun and Wu Yifan in particular the soul mound in a corridor to rescue Chen Xuedong "scenes, is to let the audience see amazed, hooked. Lin Yun Wu Yifan, the two dimension wind play wonderful performance ignited the audience for the fantasy, CG, animation of these elements, the new generation of actors is richly endowed by nature, which makes them also can better integrate into the "grand track" of the world. Therefore, in the "grand track", the audience can see Lin Yun, Wu Yifan, Chen Xuedong, Wang Yuan, the new generation of actors, each has a unique charm of the cartoon characters. At the same time, all forms of CG also make the actors "hardware" conditions become more perfect, strong muscles, slender legs into the "grand track" standard. Hardware can be adjusted through technology, but the body movements, eyes, emotions and other software, you need to rely on the actors themselves to show. In this regard, a scene with Wu Yifan Lin Yun, the two actors of the "software" function to play to the extreme, people amazed. In the scenes, one is Lin Yun’s domineering Princess "the end of the day you spend", Wu Yifan’s side is eager to save only king "silver", the focus of two people is the soul of the situation into the mound by Chen Xuedong as a dangerous "zero lin". Lin and Wu Yifan in the confrontation, one is able to save not willing to save, one is trying to save can not save the drama of the conflict at the moment to reach the top. Lin Yunlai said, contempt and arrogance and from the mouth light out of a sound "move", the character is complete. Wu Yifan, head bowed, knees, strong heart unwilling to move, it will fully express the emotion. Two new generation of leaders in several scenes in the play "the wind play There is an exchange of calls.," a word into the two dimension, but also to let the audience hooked for the wonderful performance of two people. Lin Yun and the end of the day: "the perfect fusion of quiet flowers like sisters, like family" and Wu Yifan Biao play, with Chen Xuedong CP, play routines and Fan Bingbing, Lin Yun as the "quiet day bunch of flowers" as her favorite audience created countless surprises. It is hard to imagine a life in simple kind, nerve a little girl, even a character with their own opposite arrogant princess deduction into Miki, this is behind the huge effort unimaginable. In the process of "grand track" shot in the forest to allow the creative who left the most profound impression, she is no matter when and where you are in constant practice, familiar with the role of time. During the shooting of the gap, she kept practicing play, in the rest of the gap, she repeatedly read the script, to figure out the characters themselves to "fully into play" state. To)相关的主题文章: