Guitar Mojo Blues Lessons Review By Kenny Mann-lara fabian

Music According to the publisher of Guitar Mojo, it is the internet based learning method that can teach you how to play blues guitar like the pros. Guitar Mojo achieves this through tablature, video, audio, diagrams, pictures and easy to follow instructions presented in our exclusive members only web site. About The Author: Kenny Mann is a resident of Memphis, Tennessee and the guitarist for a blues band called Spinning Jenny. He has taught guitar for over 10 years. With his various online guitar courses, he has trained 1000s of students from all over the world. The Lesson Topics For Guitar Mojo: Important blues scales, commonly used blues chords, improvising in any key, playing by ear, playing the slide guitar, acoustic blues techniques and playing turnarounds. Guarantee and Support: There is a 30 day money back guarantee. An online member forum is available but appears to be used by relatively few students. Price: $29.95 for a lifetime membership that includes access to Guitar Mojo and these other Guitar Alliance programs; the basic beginner guitar program called Guitar Alliance, 100 Hot Blues Licks, Fretboard Memory, Strumming School and Just Acoustic. Bottom Line: This online blues guitar course has lots of problems. First of all it does not have a full video presentation. Instead it offers occasional short video segments where the author tends to mumble inadequate explanations of the lessons he is teaching. The written word that accompanies the video and audio is too sparse to be of use to anybody other than someone that already knows how to play the blues. This course has at least three deal-breaker problems: 1. The videos are short, too few and unclear. 2. The written explanations are way too short to develop much of an understanding. 3. Even though the price is only $29.95 for a lifetime membership it is still a poor value. There are several blues guitar dvd courses that are at least 10 times more thorough, more understandable with lots more critical instruction and in a full video format. While these other programs are $70 to $100 more they are by far a better value. When you compare the superior programs to the cost of a local guitar teacher at $25 to $50 per half hour, they are still a great deal. The average student is not likely learn to play the blues in any competent way from this online course (let alone learning to play like the pros as hyped on the sales page) . So for these reasons I cannot not recommend the Guitar Mojo blues guitar course. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: