Hainan fair signed 123 projects in Beijing sexhu

Hainan fair signed 123 Projects – Beijing, Beijing, September 8 Xiamen Xinhua (reporter Yang Fushan) the nineteenth session of the China international investment and Trade Fair opened on the 8 at the beginning of this year, Hainan province is fruitful results, the day of the signing of 123 projects, investment amount of 134 billion 500 million yuan, the investment of more than 10 billion agreement the project is up to 70 yuan. Day held in Hainan investment promotion and project signing ceremony, from Taiwan, Singapore, Sweden, Italy and other countries and regions, a total of 390 guests attending the meeting with entrepreneurs. Promote the meeting, 123 projects signed on the spot, including the strategic framework agreement of 3 (including 1 provincial government strategic framework agreement); investment agreement 119, investment of 134 billion 500 million yuan agreement; financing agreement 1, the amount of financing 15 billion. The investment agreement involving 18 cities and counties in the province (excluding three Shashi) and Yangpu Economic Development zone. Among them, the agreement investment of over ten billion yuan in as many as 70 projects, including Haikou city signed 35 projects, investment of 16 billion 100 million yuan agreement; Sanya city signed 16 projects, investment of 34 billion 220 million yuan agreement; Danzhou city signed 11 projects, investment of 26 billion 170 million yuan agreement; Lingshui County signed 8 projects, investment agreement 10 billion 50 million yuan. According to reports, the above investment projects covering twelve key industries in Hainan. "The Haicheng area signed a total of 53 projects, investment of 31 billion 50 million yuan agreement;" Sanya "region signed a total of 31 projects, investment of 53 billion 520 million yuan agreement. The tourism industry signed a total of 25 projects, investment of 57 billion 970 million yuan agreement; tropical feature agriculture signed a total of 13 projects, investment of 6 billion 240 million yuan agreement; Internet, medicine, oil and gas, low carbon manufacturing and other four industries signed a total of 35 projects, investment of 22 billion 590 million yuan agreement. Hainan provincial government also signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Huarun group. Hainan has also introduced Guangdong wide material group, HUAWEI Technologies Co. Ltd., Beida Jade Bird Group, Neusoft group, Zhejiang Yiwu small commodity city group 99 foreign investment enterprises in Hainan. This fair, Hainan provincial governor Liu Cigui rate of the province a delegation of 13 people, organized by the Hainan investment promotion and project signing ceremony, Hainan and Taiwan Business Association, provincial leaders met with entrepreneurs, dinner and the activities of Siena integrated economic circle, Sanya tourism economic circle, tourism and health, the central tour, key industrial park, service trade and other forms of 6 thematic investment will be so diverse, the promotion of the Hainan industrial development and investment environment, promote deeply pragmatic matchmaking, to promote investment cooperation reached. (end)相关的主题文章: