Hangzhou 1 man whoring after neither money and grab the mobile phone also report prostitution www.04jjj.com

Hangzhou 1 man whoring after neither money and grab the mobile phone also report a report of prostitution prostitution alarm telephone, mobile phone case pull snatch. This dramatic idea that drama, happened a few days ago. "Police comrades, a hotel prostitution, you go." October 26th at around 4 in the afternoon, Hangzhou Baiyang police station received an anonymous phone call. Ruan, police on duty quickly out of the police rushed to the scene, and were reported in the room and found a woman hu. We knocked for a long time, she opened the door, and looked very nervous, his head has been low dare not look at us." So, the building will bring back to the police station. In the interrogation room, Hu zhizhiwuwu refused to cooperate, until the Ruan buildings increase the intensity of the trial, she finally admitted the fact of prostitution. Hu said, she made contact by WeChat and a client, but afterwards clients not only pay off her mobile phone. "He started to say something to the money, and then said not satisfied, refused to pay, we argue, did not think he stole my mobile phone and ran away." Prostitution does not pay, but also took away the "Miss" mobile phone, immediately after being reported, there is such a coincidence? In order to find out the truth, Ruan immediately launched an investigation into the building, it is found that the informants in whoremaster Hu liu. When the monitor saw the incident, Liu did enter the hotel, and the phone is his report." Then, plainclothes captain Mao Xuheng to Liu’s whereabouts by tracking, video surveillance and information analysis and other means, in the evening of 8 points in a cafe near the sea city arrested liu. See the police, Liu realized that things have, but still holding chances to quibble. Until the police come up with conclusive evidence, he finally admitted that the illegal facts of prostitution and snatch mobile phone. Liu said that at the beginning of contact with WeChat and Humou, he did not intend to pay. After the event, he saw Hu’s cell phone, thinking about a do not do two endlessly, even with the phone snatched away. "I think she is doing this, the mobile phone was robbed, certainly did not dare to report." After leaving the hotel, Liu thought and Hu had before because piaozi dispute, want to take the opportunity to avenge her, then the anonymous call report Hu prostitution. Indeed as expected Liu Hu, and no alarm, but he did not expect to make an unnecessary move a telephone, instead of their work in. At present, Liu not only because of prostitution and criminal penalty execution is Hu, also was arrested for robbing criminal detention.相关的主题文章: