Happy business’s first independent community happy canteen officially settled in peacock City cosmax

Happy business the first autonomous community "happy canteen" officially settled in peacock city to wake up in the morning to walk along the road all the way to a community garden, see the warm light from the "happy canteen" bright windows, the air seemed to float and the smell of cooking, mingled with the people greet each other, laughing softly, not sleep up the door steps, room clean the dining table, breakfast is slightly confusing, but the appetites, many choose, a few change, finally satisfied sitting in the exquisite wooden table, with the beginning of a new day, a long "home" arise spontaneously…… In September 30th, happy harbor commercial management company’s self catering brand "happy canteen" in Shenyang, Bazhou two peacock city period opened the ribbon, the move will further meet the industrial town, peacock City owners and the surrounding community residents daily food needs, to build industrial town of happiness town residents own the restaurant and living room". "Happy birth canteen" also marks the happy business thus the first step to build its own brand business community, the future of "happiness" series of community commercial brands will further enrich and perfect, to "people" oriented, all-round to meet the residents consumer demand as the core, the whole heart to create a "home" comfort, filling exquisite life satisfaction, release the spiritual home of the sense of belonging. As an important part of the development and prosperity of the new town of the industry, the well-being of the business will be combined with the peacock city residential products nationwide landing, to achieve three years of innovation in the city’s strategic layout. Reporter observed, the opening ceremony after the ceremony, "happy canteen" soon sold out guests, many owners received the news early in the morning to visit the tasting, hot scenes until 2 p.m.. Field staff professional skills, the whole process with a smile on the face of the wall hung a good meal, happy every day, eight characters, people feel pragmatic and cordial, found the feeling of home". With fresh ingredients, rich dishes, color, flavor, high quality and inexpensive, and thoughtful service, many guests first fresh have lined up for long-term meal card. It is reported that the "happy canteen" currently provide early and late meals, dishes not only reflect the regional food culture of the local cuisine, let you taste "mother food taste", also featured a brand of delicacy, can meet the dining needs, there are a buffet and snacks, all the dishes regularly change, realize the taste rich and varied. In addition, the canteen also carries a variety of community tea and afternoon meeting of the young people of the diverse functions of space, to meet the needs of different levels of the community and the surrounding residents of a variety of living needs. "Happy canteen" by the kitchen equipment decoration materials and low carbon emissions, to reduce the pollution of kitchen waste, waste water, waste gas, noise and other environmental; at the same time to develop a set of standardized quality control system and operation management system. According to the canteen management person in charge, "hunger breeds discontentment, and health and safety is the foothold of the catering industry, happy canteen all the ingredients are from the supply of food basket project and other formal channels, we also strictly control the safety of oil, tableware disinfection consumers more concerned, carry out regular checks and training job recruitment!相关的主题文章: