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Harbin temperatures will advance the heating enterprises to be 24 hours of life to handle complaints reported in September 30th hearing in order to enhance the quality of heating, to ensure the public warm winter, Harbin issued the "notice" about to do a 2016 to 2017 annual city heating work requirements, before October 20th, heating facilities maintenance and good condition rate to reach 100%, well before the heating period of air temperature plunged ahead of the heating preparation. It is reported that this year, Harbin started the implementation of the three heat source project, increase total heating capacity of 13 million square meters. The sudden drop in temperature will advance the heating conditions of enterprises to "notice" provisions of the 24 hours of heating, the heating units to do the heating facilities maintenance and coal reserves, early October 20th, facilities maintenance and good condition rate to reach 100%, the coal reserve rate to reach or exceed the planned coal use is more than 70%. Do all the preparatory work in advance, to ensure that the October 20th comprehensive quality standards. To do a good job in the heating period before the sudden drop in temperature heating preparation. Kazakhstan property heating group to play a key role in large state-owned heating units, reserves of 100 thousand tons of municipal heating emergency coal. In ensuring the safety of heating and heating quality, the notice stipulates that to carry out safety inspection and investigation and rectification of hidden dangers, found that the problem immediately rectification. To meet the standards of the residents at room temperature, with continuous heating conditions of enterprises to implement 24 hours of continuous heating, do not have a continuous heating conditions to extend the heating time. Resolutely put an end to the postponement of heating, early stop heat, artificial heat and other acts against the interests of the masses. Thermal enterprise service telephone shall be open 24 hours to the complaint completion rate reached 100% in the heating and comprehensively improve the level of service, the "notice" provisions of the heating unit to carry out publicity system, heating service commitment system comprehensively, in the residential area prominently publicized heating unit name, heating time, service standards, service calls etc.. Heating telephone service to the public 24 hours a day, the residents repair or complaints reflect the problems, to promptly investigate and deal with complaints and strive to completion rate reached 100%. The heating units must strictly implement the policy to stop users, in addition to cold mountain, bottom and top of the user may harm users with hot adjacent safety and indoor public facilities safe operation, not to stop using heat, shall not set up other restrictive conditions. The establishment of deposit deposit account to hire duty heating heating supervisor "notice" provisions should be established with the chief responsibility, district heating Office led and street office is responsible for the division of community residents committee with the work mechanism. To the public district heating office telephone supervision and heating unit telephone service, supervise the timely processing of complaints from residents of heating units; to establish a margin deposit account in accordance with the heating, heating units in the area of the heating area of the heating quality margin collection management. In addition, we should give full play to the role of community residents, the area of each heat source to implement the regulatory responsibility, to establish a package security responsibility system; to courtyard units, employing high quality, strong sense of responsibility, fairness and justice of the residents as the masses duty supervisor, supervision work together to do good heating. Difficult family.相关的主题文章: