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This month, HBO India is .ing up with another sci-fi action thriller & that’s ‘The Hunger Games’. The movie released last year and this year it’s .ing on 13th July. Yay! Ive always had this thing for the sci-fi flicks. And this love of mine has only grown fonder over the years. So, when I heard that The Hunger Games is soon going to get premiered, I was excited beyond limits. Now how amazing is it this!? Last year, they release the movie and this year I can watch it on TV. Yipppeeee! Thanks a lot HBO India! I really cant thank you enough. 13th July, 9pm it is! This English actione movie is based on a game where the totalitarian nation of Panem is divided between 12 districts and the Capitol. And eEach year two representatives are chosen at random each year from each district and they go for a televised fight. And iIn order to win itthe fight, one has to kill ones his opponent. Intense, huh? Well, the tagline does all the justice here. May the Odds be Ever in your Favor it better be! In one such one event Katniss Everdeen aka Jennifer Lawrence takes her sisters place and from there, the Hunger Games begin. Gary Ross, the director of this English movie , has no doubt undoubtedly done a great job in turning this Suzanne Collins written novel into a movie. And trust me, you can actually see the efforts. The From acting, writing and to direction,- everything is in its place. Jennifer Lawrence as the main lead really has an enchanting effect. Thank Goodness oOut of a lot of those thirty ladies who went for the auditioned, she won. She is indeed the best for this role was the best fit. Proof: And bagging She won the Best Actress Oscar award this year for The Hunger Games, is a testimony enough. Im sure thats more for a proof. Other than Lawrence, the character that really affected appealed to me is Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Mellark. He has been presented as the bakers son who hails from one of the districts and he is damn good with words. And that This plays the trick on his character. All in all, its Certified Fresh. The drama, the fiction and the plot take you to the an imaginary world that converts the impassive deed into an impassioned scene. More than that, the wardrobeattire- Oh My God! Its just too fictionary and goes back to the early era. Actually the whole plot dates back to entire plot is established in the early era. I think thats the beauty of such movies. Totally a must watch, I tell you. Those of you who havent watched this movie, its re.mended to that you watch it before its Part II the second part releases. And what better than HBO India to watch it on. TV. The .fort of TV, in the luxury of home. Less than a couple of Its just a matter of few days and then you can enjoy this amazing flick on your television. .ing 13th, 9pm on HBO India, the ultimate English movie channel- Mark your calendar and be ready to have a Happy Saturday! Yay! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: