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Spirituality Yes of course. In fact, prayer is unavoidably selfish. Its just that, depending on our development, we go into prayer wanting different things. At one end of the spectrum is the tale of two little boys who were staying overnight at their grandparents house. One boy prayed, GOD, I WANT A BICYCLE. GOD, ID LIKE A PLAYSTATION 3. GOD, ID LIKE AN IPAD. His brother said to him, Why are you shouting? God isnt deaf. The praying lad replied, No, but Grandma is. At the other end of the spectrum, you have Mother Teresa, who said that when she prayed she simply let God love her. But even there, she wanted something out of prayer. Even at that end, theres a little bit of selfishness going on. I think this is only what we can expect of ourselves. Every decision we make, we make for the purpose of making ourselves happy (to the best of our understanding and the limit of our skills at the time). Even when we are making what we would think of as "I’m so unselfish "decisions, we do so because our approval of ourselves matters to us. We are happier having our own approval than we are having whatever it was we gave up. Prayer is no different. In fact, prayer may be where our desire for happiness comes most clearly to the forefront. Perhaps we are asking for a medical miracle; perhaps we are asking for a change in our job. Maybe we are looking for salvation for our dad or our daughter; maybe we are just hoping for an easing of our pain. But in every case, are asking the God of the universe who it would seem, if we dont know Him, might have many better things to be doing to take an action that will increase our happiness. So prayer uniquely exposes our selfishness, our drive for happiness, which is why this question occurs. So what about this drive for happiness? Is it selfish? Well, yes. But no. No, because God made us to be happy. Our happiness really is a drive; it is centered in our desire for God that He instilled in us when He made us. We have twisted it and fallen, but the drive itself is what ultimately pulls us back to God Himself. Yes, because we have twisted our drive for happiness. We have become what you could truly label as selfish. However, we cannot get rid of the twist in our happiness drive, this selfishness, by trying not to be selfish. When we do so, we are acting out of the same twisted happiness drive, so that our desire to not be selfish grows out of our selfish assessment that well be happier if we are not selfish. Our sin is recursive it folds back in on itself as many levels as you want to trace it. So prayer does us an enormous service. Part of our growth has to be coming to terms with our own sin, darkness, and shadow. And we stymie our growth until we learn to look at our own darkness, our own shadow, with the eyes of grace. With benevolent eyes. Until we accept that this part of ourselves that makes us sinners also makes us qualify for participating in Jesus. Indeed, our prayers must be selfish. But if we dont pray, where else can we go to learn how not to be selfish? The only way that we change who we are as people is through interaction with other people. Interacting with the Almighty Father of the universe, who loves us with immense grace and mercy, is the best way in the world for us to reshape our desires and our purposes. In fact, God is the only being we know whose drive for happiness has not been twisted by sin into selfishness. If we stay away from the only Person who knows how to be genuinely happy, how will we ever learn happiness ourselves? So bring your entire selfish self to prayer. God already knows how selfish you are. Nothing you ask or say is going to catch Him by surprise. Its OK if your prayers are selfish. Because God longs to use even your selfishness to bring you to true happiness. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: