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Acne Acne scars may cause you to avoid mirrors and hide your face. While acne can affect people of all ages, it is most prevalent among teens. However, even once the acne itself clears, it can leave the person with scars that can rob one of self esteem. The effects can often be devastating for people. Fortunately, there are several treatments that can help with acne scar removal. If you suffer from acne scars, begin with an dermatologist consultation. Procedures for this therapy have be.e .mon. It is important that you remember the condition of your skin before selecting the method of removal. Persons with sensitive skin should use procedures that are as non-abrasive as possible. The therapy can help you to regain skin that looks smooth and healthy. Some of the procedures for acne scar removal include chemical peels, radiotherapy, laser treatment, steroid injections, collagen injections and dermabrasion. Some of these treatments do not .pletely remove the scars, but can dramatically lessen their appearance. Dermatologist will make a re.mendation based on the severity and type of scarring along with the skin type. Dermabrasion requires use of a local anesthetic while the doctor removes the top skin cells using a sanding type unit. It is very effective, but not re.mended for persons with dark skin as it could result in a lack of uniformity in skin color and could result in trading one skin condition for another. Collagen injections offer a solution that is less permanent. While the scars may disappear temporarily, they will reappear in three to six months unless future injections are added. Steroid injections offer a long term solution with minimal side effects. However, steroid injections are not always effective with all scars. Some might remain visible after the injection. Laser treatment is a procedure still in the experimental phase. The vascular laser can help to fade the coloration of scars. CO2 lasers help to flatten the scars while resurfacing the skin, but the effect has not yet been shown as definite. There is also an uncertainty as to the safety of this treatment, leading to it not being re.mended currently. Radiotherapy is even more controversial. Its use is only suggested in very extreme cases. It can prevent severe scaring from reoccurring. However, the long term side effects are the risk of radiation induced cancer, even though the does is very small. Chemical peels are minor forms of surgery. In most locations, cosmetologists are allowed to perform this process. The chemical peel is usually effective if scarring is minor. A skin layer is removed using the chemicals and a new skin layer is allowed to form, reducing the scars. In some cases, the person will require more than a single type of treatment to ensure the best out.e. The face and skin of each person differ, so it is important to spend time researching these as well as developing procedures available. While scaring may be reduced, in some cases, it is impossible to rid the face of all scars .pletely. One important step in selecting the acne scar treatment is to choose the right dermatologist. Look at qualifications as well as evidence. Research the doctor on the inter. before scheduling an appointment. acne scar removal can be expensive. Good doctors work closely with patients to ensure the skin has a clear and smooth appearance as possible. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: