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Henan is the next university who has not sued to replace those not received an apology Chinese youth network September 1 Beijing Xinhua (trainee reporter Wu Yang) after a raging storm of public opinion, Wang Nana’s life continues. A few years ago, a similar experience, Luo Caixia told her: "after all, life is still going on." School is my wish has always been in August 29th, Wang Nana went to the commercial street, Henan University of Science and Technology delivery, delivery of goods she rode the electric car into the campus. In the school library, one of the students told her that the school has not yet opened, the library’s students are postgraduate entrance examination (course) and early registration. Some of them were reading, some in the title, no distractions, good ah. I was in a daze. I see the children do geometric problems, physical problems, a lot of emotion. There are a lot of things, I think." Wang Nana went to the admissions office. She asked the teacher to express "school is my desire has always been," the teacher told her to "test" consultation, to participate in adult education. When a teacher learned that she was Wang Nana, the teacher said that to understand her, I am glad that she can go to school, and suggested that she write an application. September 1st China Youth Network reporter interviewed, she was writing this application. Over the past few days she did not know how to write, "I go to school not to like other children, I was filling up, fill the hearts of the shadow, she didn’t want to because you are Wang Nana and special, people do not want to be said to hype. And 5 days ago, Wang Nana told the China Youth Network reporter fast school, very confused, compared to her more light. 5 days ago, Wang Nana was also careful to ask China Youth Network reporter, I do not know if I do not have a result of the matter now". In March this year, Xinhua News Agency commented "Wang Nana incident" investigation "but not unfinished until today, she still did not get an apology or a reply. "China is a good sister," in June this year, Wang Nana was invited to Liaoning satellite TV, "please have a leading role" has done a program, she met a similar experience of Luo Caixia. Some people joke that they are "good sisters in China"". "People who have similar experiences are more likely to talk about it," she says, and Luo Caixia has become a good sister. In 2009, Hunan Shaodong student Luo Caixia found himself by the local public security bureau political commissar Wang Jiajun daughter to college; in October of that year, Wang Jiajun’s father Wang Zhengrong because of forged documents state organs crime, the crime of bribery crimes, jailed for 4 years. Because of this encounter, Luo Caixia changed career planning, from a news client, became a journalist. "You should adjust yourself, life will continue. Go to college, others take away your rights, you can go for it, but life is still going on. I felt like I couldn’t get through, but at last I came. The attention of the media is just a moment, you have to adjust yourself, Wang Nana said, Luo Caixia told her this speech made her deep memory. "I was very lucky one" because this thing, I feel very fair "," when I was told, "is referred to the United Nations, finally had to Zhoukou," I said I know, but I don’t want this thing happened in writing相关的主题文章: