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High iron WiFi is expected to put into operation in December is the original title: high iron loading test on surf the Internet on 24 August, the Xinhua news agency point the day and await for it in Chengdu (reporter Chen Di) high-speed rail passenger only through the APP mobile application, Internet browsing, information can be sent, in addition to the more than and 30 watch live TV – this is not a dream by WiFi flow but the real point the day and await for it. For passengers who often take high-speed rail, poor network signal has been very distressing. China Electronic Technology Group Corporation twenty-ninth Institute of the development of high-speed rail loaded on the satellite transceiver equipment, has completed loading and waiting for further testing, is expected to be operational by the end of the year. It is understood that due to the high speed of electromagnetic waves penetrate the vehicle body loss, Doppler frequency offset and frequent switching of the base station and other reasons, resulting in cell phone signals often broken line, the effect of data services is not ideal. According to Wang Hailong, deputy director of the center for the development of twenty-nine products, the technology originated in the military field armored, square and other military vehicles on the satellite communications. In early 2015, under the strategic background of military and civilian integration and strong support of the National Defense Industry Office of Sichuan Province, the establishment of the wisdom of the high-speed rail Internet industry incubator team in, efforts to apply this technology in the field of civil. After 1 years of development, in March 2016, the R & D team delivered the first prototype for testing display, July, "Chinese standard EMU high-speed Internet intelligence system" in its successful completion of the loading, and wait for further test. At present, China’s fastest high-speed rail is about 350 kilometers per hour, this technology can meet the speed of 500 kilometers per hour without any impact on the internet." Twenty-nine senior engineer Zhang Jie said that, in addition, the number of users set up to 700 people, the current high-speed rail car can take the number of passengers of about 560 people, fully able to accommodate all passengers at the same time access to 8. It is reported that, at the beginning of 5 high-speed trains are the most extreme cold loading of Harbin Dalian line, tunnel and bridge up to the great west line, Zheng Xu line for further testing, is expected to put into operation in December, and gradually expand the coverage in china.相关的主题文章: