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Innovation Its John Douglas here and Many years ago I, learned from a business mentor that the story I was telling myself on a subconscious level, detailing in my own mind why I Cant was the core reason I was not breaking through the resistance that was preventing me from reaching what I was created to achieve, and the results I knew I could attain. Once we discard our story of why we cant do something or become more everything changes, what seems impossible suddenly becomes possible and we no longer settle for anything less than extraordinary. We know at Exclusive Leadership Academy that a breakthrough will occur when you tell yourself a story of why you CAN achieve your goals no matter what! With an empowering story, people tend to attract into their lives; individuals and strategies that propel them to achieve a breakthrough and see results in their Personal and Professional lives and their companies thrive, no matter whats going on around them. To bring into our minds that empowering story we have to deal with the vital element we almost always neglect and that is our state Our mindset and the emotional state we are in at any given moment in time tend to shape our story. We all develop emotional patterns or moods that filter how we view our lives. The states we go into most then become the most powerful filter of all, this filter determines whether or not we find the strategies necessary to attain results and whether or not we come up with a story that will empower us. Finding a new strategy and implementing it can dramatically affect results almost immediately. Many people believe a breakthrough and results comes from simply finding the correct strategy alone. This is simply not true If we think about any worthwhile endeavour, from expanding a business to getting fit and healthy we all know there are literally countless strategies being offered, some work some dont, yet all claim to be the magic pill but if they all work then why arent we all celebrating and living lives of emotional, physical and financial abundance? The answer lies in discovering the core elements of story and state and aligning them with your purpose and the results you really desire, then identifying strategies and making the decision to take action, create a breakthrough, implementing these decisions and by doing so, will launch your life to another level and lead you to ultimate success and fulfilment. This process only takes a few brief moments to implement in your life, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain. With a new state, a new story and a new strategy, life will never be the same The person you see is the person you will be John Douglas, Exclusive Leadership Academy About the Author: Exclusive Leadership Academy is offering a Complimentary Discovery Session for 15 people only. To secure your session with John Douglas visit Exclusive Leadership Academys website .exclusiveleadershipacademy…au and submit your query. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: