How parents and adolescent

How parents and adolescent children.? Abstract: children enter puberty, both in the physical or psychological aspects of the changes will occur, in the face of these changes, some parents will be unprepared. The child’s rebellion, the child’s little secret so that parents are very distressed. Then. Adolescent children should be how to teach it? When the child has not entered puberty, I listen to friends and relatives around, there will be a strong reverse psychology of children after puberty, not only extremely difficult to communicate more with parents everywhere against the agony. When I think of how to face the growth of children, son on the first two days, the head suddenly jumped up, his face covered with acne, irresistible to adolescence. I had to rush to fight, and the child’s adolescence "". In this process, I and the battle of wits, constantly revised my education, finally let adolescence no longer worry. The "enemy" into my back, not confrontation with the children enter adolescence children with age, vision to expand rapidly, have more thinking and independent consciousness, the parents no longer blindly, and began to question the retort. At this point, parents can not be treated as children, to give them sufficient room for growth. In general, adolescent children will no longer listen to parents, even if it is a matter of little importance, will deliberately confrontational, top said, is the so-called "reverse". At the beginning, I according to the practice of reason with the child patient, did not think the child did not listen, but also What one says is plausible. than me. Later I really unbearable, her children with barely suppressed fury. But he was very angry, and looked at me with disapproval, made my surface victory, but the heart is full of frustration. After a few times, our relationship is getting worse and worse. No way, I decided to change the way. Well, you said that the earth is square, I would say it is not round; you say a teacher’s homework is really annoying, I said yes, let my son so tired, how not to let her off?. So the children feel boring, and afterwards I will discuss with him, he will be in a calm mood, no nonsense. Italian Huairou, set out the secret of the child after entering junior high school, the children not only have more independent consciousness, his secret. He bought a diary with a password, began to secretly diary, will often pay attention to their own clothes hair. I asked him, he did not say, want to see his diary can not see. But I still want to know the child’s thoughts, once into the experience, I decided to continue "circuitous operations". I began to pay attention to the instrument, match up to his clothes hair recommendations for costs are usually support, so let him no longer have an alert, a lot of things to discuss with me. At the same time, I treat him as a friend. When I was in junior high school, I liked a boy in my class. See the children interested in, I asked him in the class of Strike while the iron is hot. The children began to relish their unsuspecting speaking class a boy love a girl, I understand all about. I asked him, do you have a favorite girl? He said, "of course." Who am I asked? He immediately said that it was not.相关的主题文章: