How To Best Care For Your

The first thing that you need to do is pick a plant that mixes well with your life style. What I mean by this is that if you are rarely home then you will want a plant that does not need to be watered frequently. There are plenty of plants that thrive on little water such as cactus’s. You can even get a cactus that blooms so you will be able to enjoy flowers with little to no work at all. If you are a person that will be able to offer a plant more attention then you may want to go with something that needs a bit more nurturing.In order to care for plants you need to know some basics about how to grow and care for plants. This way you will be sure to have a plant that will provide you with the comfort and beautiful scenery that you are looking for. You want to be sure that you have the right home for your plant. This means that you need to have a pot that is the correct size for your plant as well as the correct amount of holes needed for watering. You want a pot that will allow the water to run through the soil and back out of the pot. This will make it so your plant will be able to take as much water as it needs. The excess water can run back out of the pot. Some pots allow the excess water to sit in a shallow pan or plate like bottom to the pot so that the plant can soak up the water when it needs it. This way you will not over water your plant. You want to be sure you have the right spot to put your plant so that it gets the proper amount of direct or indirect sunlight. If the type of plant that you get requires so many hours of direct sunlight, you do not want to put the plant in the shady area of the home as it will not thrive as it should. You will find that your plant will actually look happier or perkier when it gets the right amount of water and sunlight. Plants that are neglected will lack the healthy shine in the leaves or the color it should have in the leaves or flowers. You may notice that the leaves are not the vibrant green they once were but instead a dull faded looking green. This is a good sign that the plant is missing something each day. Be sure to clear out any dead leaves from the plant and trim off damaged pieces so that the plant will be able to grow as it should. This will help to keep any illnesses or fungus from spreading to the rest of the plant. If you have a green leafy plant such as ivy, or something with a waxy type of leave, you will want to be sure to wipe the dust from the leaves to keep it healthy and fresh. You can also make your plant happy by talking to it and misting it with a spray bottle filled with water. Be sure to read up on the type of plants that you have so you will know the best way to care for them. You want to know what climate they like such as what temperature is good to keep them in, how much sun should they get, and how much water and what type of plant food or fertilizer is best for them. You do not want to feed your rose bushes plant food meant for a citrus plant. Plants can be great to have around as they help to add oxygen to the air as well as flowery plants add a fragrance to enjoy. They are beautiful to look at and they can even become a fun hobby to get into. If you are not sure on what type of plant you want, talk to the people at the store and they can help you pick out something that will work out just perfect for you. If you are new to plants, you may want to start with something simple that is low maintenance so that you will not have to worry about too many details in order to keep it alive. There are plenty of materials or information that you can get both online and in stores to help you in learning to care for plants. Not everyone is born with a green thumb, but that does not mean that you can not have some plants around the house. Start with something small and simple then go to something more delicate once you get the hang of things. Your choices in plants are pretty much limitless so do not be afraid to look around and ask questions. You can choose plants to have both indoors to add a little flare as well as outdoor plants to help decorate the outside of your home. Many people think that plants have a way of brightening their day as they can have a calming effect and can add some color to a dull day. You can even grow your favorite herbs to use in your daily cooking as well as flowers to have fresh cut in your vase weekly. You choices are really limitless so don not be afraid to have some fun and mix and match some plants. You just might find out that you do have a green thumb after all About the Author: Steve Habib is a recognized authority on the subject of growing and caring for a variety of plants. His web site offers a wealth of information about how to keep your plants healthy and growing all year round. 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