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Software Gmail is a globally utilized web mail service that is considered as reliable too. No matter how strong promise Google makes about the dependability of its email services through Gmail, the past outages give a proof that strictly there is need to safeguard the data stored in Gmail. When it .es to protecting any type of data from unexpected loss, backup is the most .mon suggestion that is attained. However, the process of backing up Gmail emails is a bit different from the normal backup that we create for our hard disk files and folders. This is the reason why online market has rising demand for answer to the query as how to save Gmail emails to external drive . Before moving on the ideal solution for backing up mail messages of Gmail on hard drive, we shall discuss the importance of doing so. Temporary termination of any of the web service is .mon but when it is in concern with Gmail, the consequences are a bit different and huge too. Now days, there are numerous businesses that rely upon Gmail for their day to day .munication needs and any stoppage in the service can lead to loss of productivity and affects the work flow too. In the past time, Google mail service has encountered many outages owing to technical issues and maintenance. The largest time period for which the users encountered problems in the Gmail services is 30 hours. This surely disturbs the email .munication within the businesses. Nevertheless, this is a small example of Gmail outage. The worse that has been encountered by users is loss of data from the mailbox. Therefore, to deal with unanticipated data loss or inaccessibility issues, it is better to backup Gmail email on hard drives so that crucial mail messages and their attachments can be retrieved when required. In this concern, the idea to save the mails and attachments in external hard drive that can be connected when needed and provides access to the data. Gmail Backup software is an acclaimed solution available online that allows users to make Gmail email backup easily. The tool illustrates users as how to save Gmail emails to external drive as it converts email to PST and EML file format. The solution can be availed in trial edition that helps to backup 100 emails, choosing any of the backup creation mode, full backup or date based backup. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: