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Finance When first activated, Marl will use its own database to perform a scan of stocks trading on the OTC and Pink sheet exchanges. During this time Marl is looking for .panies whom are forming bullish trading patterns.(stocks about to increase) Carl helped Michael program the bot to identify (in split second timing) distinct trading patterns from a vast range of 6578, held in Marl’s internal database. If Marl identifies a clean, uncongested chart pattern, that is proven to yield a good risk/reward – Then the stock will be added to Marl’s "Watch List". All of these "watched stocks" will be forming bullish patterns (indicating the stock is about to rise). This watch list has two distinct advantages. The first and most obvious is that Marl can easily monitor hundreds of stocks at the same time. The second is that Marl is programmed on an "evolutionary framework". What this means, is that as Marl is watching hundreds of stock patterns it actually learns the most likely direction of stock prices under thousands of situations. Because of this. The longer Marl is allowed to run on a .puter… The More Advanced He! What’s more by scrutinising the miniscule movements in price of hundreds of stocks… Marl familiar… even intimate… With each individual stock. Developing what professional traders call a "sixth sense". A sort of "feel" for how the stock will behave in any given situation. While monitoring hundreds of stocks in the watch list… Marl may notice that a stock has been hitting resistance at $0.50 all week (not being able to rise above 50 cents a share). And if the stock breaks that level (meaning there is a good chance it will "breakout" and run much higher) the bot will start analyzing the stock in more detail… looking at its longer term weekly trading pattern and applying its vast range of criteria. Any stocks that reach this stage have been under close scrutiny and passed a variety of .plex tests. Marl will then analyze the charts looking for the best entry point (to buy the stock at) with the lowest risk to potential reward. The average professional stock trader can analyze one stock chart around every 8-10 seconds… when looking for an opportunity. On the other hand Marl can analyze 7 charts every second. Why Does That Matter? It means that Marl can be extremely selective, waiting until all the correct criteria line up until a trade re.mendation is made. Often Marl will disregard profitable trades… In favour of a potentially more profitable trade occurring at the same time. After creating Marl to version 1.0… The two input a trading capital of $1000 and set it running. Marl spent 13 hours analysing over 6,000 small capitalisation firms. After those 13 hours Marl made his first ever stock re.mendation… About the Author: 相关的主题文章: