Insurance! Driver gas station to answer the phone hit the tanker (video)

Insurance! The driver gas station car hit the phone refueling 6 pm, highway two detachment five brigade area of bicycle accident, a car hit the tanker Yunyang service area gas station, but fortunately the tanker not electricity, otherwise the consequences be unbearable to contemplate. Law enforcement officers found during the investigation, the driver Liu is not a novice, and has many years of driving experience, Yunyang service area gas station near the line of sight is good, and few other vehicles, why car or hit the tanker? Driver Liu said that in the morning from Wuxi to visit his grandson surgery in Wanzhou, at noon because other things had to rush back to Wuxi, without rest, passing Yunyang service area and received a phone call. Liu was the phone and all the way around fatigue has not been observed in front of the vehicle, in a moment of Liu of God, the vehicle hit the gas station refueling, refueling and let vehicles have different degrees of damage, according to the gas station staff, the tanker maintenance costs up to the number of million yuan. High speed enforcement prompted the majority of drivers, do not make a phone call while driving, do not stay on the highway for too long driving, beware of fatigue driving. Upstream News – Chongqing morning news reporter Zhang Xu video is only extended to read, and this article has nothing to do with the gas station call also hit相关的主题文章: