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Sports-and-Recreation I went online in search of a Kawasaki : KSF50B8F KFX50 circa 2008 online and trying to locate an air cleaner. Now I had very little to go on. In fact, I got this information second hand from one of my brothers friends. Apparently he had seen a boatload of these parts on Ebay. So I logged on and looked around and I found a lot of junk. They had ATV parts and OEM parts alright but none of the things I was really searching for. This turned out to be a monumental waste of time. None of these parts were really doing it for me. The experience was like looking through somebody’s attic. They had all sorts of parts that seemed to have been hauled out of someone’s basement or garage. The pictures didn’t do these parts any favors. To me these Kawasaki parts looked pretty beat up and quite frankly – very dirty. I didn’t know what to make out of this ratty assortment. They were cheap enough. But that’s not the worst of it. The descriptions for these parts were really something else. The seller of these parts wasn’t quite sure where he had acquired them. He had a rough idea that the belonged to a certain family of ATV’s that came out in the early 80’s. I wanted to contact this seller through my Ebay account and get more information. I asked if these parts could be used in any of my Kawasaki vehicles and he said that I could give it a shot. One thing was made clear — there was no refund policy and he would not buy the parts back under any situation. In other words if I had gone through and purchased this for myself I would be stuck with them whether they fit my ATV or not. This was a pretty bad deal so I decided to keep looking until I found a much better situation for myself. Then I decided to count and see how many real Kawasaki parts were online. I was disappointed to only find 29 total part listings on Ebay. They came in from many other eras in time. I had no idea if any of these would do the job they were supposed to. I knew that if I purchased any of these I could be buying the wrong stuff period. The other atv parts they had for sale were from different manufacturers that were obscure and not very popular – overall the selection was poor. Believe me, the selection was nothing to write home about. What concerned me was the lack of customer information on any of these sites. Its kind of a no mans land. You’ll have to come up with your own conclusions when you do this online. Copyright (c) 2010 Ted Cantu About the Author: 相关的主题文章: