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Jiaxing woman got 1/100000 probability of disease the most reluctant children this is a poignant picture. There is a boy lying on the railing in the HanNing Railway Station entrance, saw the mother figure out. The little boy named coke, who lives in Jiaxing Haining Changan Town Red Village Hong Jin group, 9 years old this year. At that time his mother to take the train to Beijing Cancer Hospital chemotherapy. His mother is in Zhi Yan fight. Less than 30 years old she suffered a bolt from the blue "in early 2011 day, do foreign trade merchandiser in a leather factory at that time, Ju Zhiyan feel uncomfortable," back pain, thought it was caused by poor posture, or is caused by cholecystitis." Uncomfortable two days later, her husband Yang Qiangzhong took her to the Central Hospital of Haining (the Haining hospital) made a B. Absolutely unexpected! The doctor told her she had a tumor in her liver. Perhaps the situation is like a bolt from the blue! Ju Zhiyan was born in 1983 was less than 30 years old! They immediately went to the city people’s hospital to do CT, the doctor said, this is an operation, the situation is not good. They went to a hospital in Zhejiang Province to do a general examination, also made a liver puncture. Responsible for the doctor to see the results after the puncture, exclaimed: "oh! How tumors are rich in pigment!" She has a malignant melanoma, four, that is, advanced. The doctor told Ju Zhi Yan said, cutaneous malignant melanoma is still relatively common, especially white, but this type of mucosa (visceral) malignant melanoma is rare in yellow, the incidence rate is about 1/100000. High school sprint record holder, usually even have a fever rarely some Ju Zhi Yan, seems to have just been a doctor sentenced to death with reprieve. Doctor Lu long because of rare, so the treatment is a step by step to explore. In the beginning, the daily life of Yan Yan to play interferon, and bear the pain of its side effects – sustained high fever, 38 degrees, 39 degrees C, 40.5 c… Vomit! Pain! The hair fell down one by one. Height of 1 meters of her from the weight of 110 pounds to thin down, the thinnest only when the weight of more than and 60 pounds, she described, with the kind of people who suffer from anorexia on the Internet almost." In 2012, she began to go to Beijing Cancer Hospital for treatment, this may be the last straw in life. "There is only one kidney cancer melanoma specialist here in china." Ju Zhiyan said. Zhejiang has never been out of the province of Ju Zhiyan, after the disease, almost every month, have to travel between Beijing and Haining. Over the years, train tickets have a thick stack. Count, there are about 300. CT film has been photographed in the home has more than and 100, holding in the hands are very difficult. She always does not understand, his body was so healthy, why suffer from such a terrible disease? The doctor told her: do not do laser point mole, do not scratch the surface of the body mole, but can not make it bleed! May lead to some of the remaining stimulated melanocytes, causing cancer. Early melanoma invasion, only the surface of the skin or dermal; in the middle, will transfer to the surrounding lymph nodes; late, there will be distant metastasis. The desire for life, family and child care, let her in the hope and disappointment for 5 years, Ju Zhiyan experience相关的主题文章: