Joe Chen white pants and glamorous appearance promotion star shareholders

Joe Chen white pants and glamorous star Joe Chen debut promotion shareholders than the heart Joe Chen winning Sina entertainment news Joe Chen in October 13th to attend the 2016 Year celebrations fashion star show. A white dress on the red carpet of her simple, clean, natural, delicate and charming flowers behind the foil, can not help but sigh. "The beauty of god". The face always hung sweet smile of Joe Chen’s Fashion Festival tour is even more rewarding. The year’s most popular fashion figure — Joe Chen has been in possession of good clothing. She was named the most popular fashion fashion award ", obtained Joe Chen’s reflections are still cannot do without her love and career:" thanks for the support of my people, especially my fans. See you feel very warm, because this year has been very busy, I hope at the end of the year, their works and we can meet, and in the next year, there is a better work and meet you." "Chen boss" the transfiguration shareholders attended the fashion event is the cause of Joe Chen broke Mengliao, the line will be extended to the field of fashion, fashion show star shares formally, become the only one star partner. Regardless of the size of the activities or also, show good taste of Joe Chen, overwhelmed by the shares and let the curiosity of the ball once again launched a fresh challenge to the field, the user immediately added a new nickname for him, Chen boss". Joe Chen has been using her girlish impulse towards her beloved career in 2016, she began to choose more diverse areas to achieve dream girl, the play will also have to give up my "I", "ghost chuideng: the city" more worthy to work to meet with the audience, Joe Chen is really more live the more wonderful.相关的主题文章: