Ladakh – Your Perfect Himalayan Getaway

Vacation-Rentals Ladakh is located in extreme north on India in its state of Jammu & Kashmir neighbouring China. Ladakh is surrounded by two different mountain ranges, Karakoram Mountain Ranges in its north and the great Himalayas to its south. Historically Ladakh was part of Tibet which later got incorporated within Indian state. It has blend of Tibetan and South Asian cultural as its provides a peek into historical past of the region. Leh is the biggest city of Ladakh region and is well connected through Road and Air links with rest of India. Reaching Leh via land route can be tricky in winters due to heavy snowfall therefore air route remains the preferred mode adopted by tourist to reach this Himalayan getaway. When in Leh there is so much you can do there. Before you give your activities a kick start it is advisable to give yourself sometime to acclimatize to the high altitude at which the city is located. Trekking is very popular among foreign tourists which visit Ladakh. Some of the popular treks to try while in Ladakh are Markah Valley Trekking Tour (a 9 day trek), Darch Padam Trekking Tour (a 12 day trek) and Lamayuru Stok Trekking Tour (a 6 day trek). Experienced guides are available and could be hired from Leh for one of these treks. The fastest and more .fortable way to explore the Ladakh region is through a Jeep Safari. Ladakh is some of the most panoramic views in the entire India subcontinent, so make sure you take a jeep safari and go around the region to witness its pristine beauty. The roads in the region are rough and you may not cover much distance in a day when .pared to driving on a more decent road. For some exploring the remote territories of the Ladakh region in itself is a adventure and cultural tour and they enjoy this the most. Ladakh region is also blessed to have few white water bodies which offer perfect platforms for river rafting. While in Ladakh one could try rafting at Zanskar and Indus rivers. Both these rivers are fuming most of the time and require expert rafters to conquer them. Many rafting camps are setup here to train people for few days before they could set their best foot forward to conquer these rivers. Wild life safari tours are also available in Ladakh and a good way to explore flora and fauna of the region. So by now you would have got basic idea of what all to while in Ladakh. It is advisable to contact a experienced travel agent who will be able to help you get the most out of your Ladakh getaway. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: