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UnCategorized SALTA, historic capital of one of Argentinas largest and most beautiful provinces, easily lives up to its well publicized nickname of Salta the Fair, thanks to its festive atmosphere, handsome buildings and dramatic setting. It is situated in one of the most fertile and nicest sites ever created by nature in this region. It is located at 1,187 meters above sea level, at the bottom of Mounts 20 de Febrero and San Bernardo. Summer is mild and winter is warm and dry, with records of an annual average temperature of 22, which makes the city an ideal place to live or visit. Plenty of eating places to suit all pockets, ranging from simple snack bars where you can savour the cities famous empanadas, to a couple of classy restaurants, where people dress up to go out for dinner. The most atmospheric cafes huddle together around the Plaza 9 de Julio, while the cities many lively penas, informal folk music clubs, also serve food and drinks, so you can kill two birds. One of the most popular penas well known as a bohemian hang out in the 1950s, nowadays its a more conventional place, attracting tourists and local folk singers. Some nights an additional charge is added to the bill for the music. The colonial spirit from the times of the foundation remains in its houses, streets, hundred year old monuments and narrow sidewalks surrounded by the mountains nearby. A city tour includes sightseeing its numerous statues, visits to the San Francisco Church, the Cathedral and the interesting historical and anthropological museums. In the outskirts there are different excursions to go on being the one called The Train in the Clouds the most attractive of them all. It consists of a train journey that goes through the clouds as it crosses The Andes at 4,220 meters above the sea level. Undoubtedly, visiting the city means tasting the worldwide known empanadas from Salta. Beautiful Salta turns on its lights when the nigh falls. Each corner renovates its charm when the Moon is out. The main square, its cafes, Balcarce Street and the magic of the casino. The night is an invitation. Argentina is filled with lush rainforests, wild animals, and mountainous terrain. Transportation is key with such a large country, many tourists choose to take a train few travel by car. For the outdoor enthusiasts, Argentina is home to the Andes Mountains. Enjoy trekking trips, skiing or snowboarding. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: