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Let the story of the hero more soil gas – Culture – People’s original title: let the story of the hero multi-point soil gas, like to listen to Grandpa story. He was a people’s Liberation Army, told army combat hero story vivid, often on the outline in two words or three very vivid image. For example, he recalled a platoon leader, "swear with Shandong." "Gecu eat at the table" in front of the total charge "". Although the language is the vernacular, the details are very common, but until now I have not forgotten. It is to grow up, have seen a lot of film tells the story of a hero, the impression that the more profound than the platoon. The heroic story is the carrier of the heroic spirit. In the absence of TV, network, or even hard to find books in our hero memory mainly rely on word of mouth. The language of the masses is not exquisite, in some good "Polish" of the writers, even "poor poor". But this is the language of the mud and the details of the details of the description, coupled with a strong and sincere feelings behind, but the most concise and clear, the most impact, the most sense of the screen, people unforgettable. Heritage of the hero story, but also a part of the national spirit. Now, some people in society are always riddled with false rumors to attack, curry favour by claptrap hero, and cut off the heavy attempt to discredit hero memory. Surprisingly, these rumors are quite a market, and constantly spread in the circle of friends. This is also reflected from the negative side, we are not good enough to inherit the spirit of the hero? There is no denying that some places are really not very good at telling the true hero story. Some students to the martyrs cemetery grave, but no one on the rhythmical ceremony, meaning, the grave is more like "as a mere formality; some preach heroism, habits and lack of emotional plot, echo what the books say, cannot cause the listener response; some description of the hero image, with some words of the pursuit of high flashy without substance, Daquan, do not pick gas. These deficiencies, resulting in some of the public to understand the hero is not enough, not deep, a few people even from the breeding of resentment, and thus to provide a survival of rumors spread soil. Some people comment on Comrade Lei Feng: his ordinary, that his behavior can be done by everyone; his greatness lies in his behavior everyone has to work hard to be able to do. In fact, the hero is trying to make ordinary people extraordinary things, there is no need to deliberately beautification, even deified. They also have the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures also have brothers and sisters. If you stand in the perspective of the masses, using the language of the masses, many mining some ordinary greatness, let the heroic deeds with thick "mud gas", but will have more power to shock. Caricature is for the martyrs of personality insult, more of the national feelings of the injury, we cannot tolerate, nor tolerate. But in honor of the hero at the same time, we must pay more attention to communication skills and methods. Only speak well and make good use of the hero of the story, from beginning to end, average real, long the heroic deeds handed down, in order to make heroes into the hearts of the masses, inspired generations of people to follow the example of the hero, courageously forward. (Chen Yuan, Shiyao commissioning editor: soup)相关的主题文章: