Lin Chiling, head of a single hand hanging wire explosion

Lin Chiling explosive head single hand hanging wire "" "" little meat off? But still wear more good-looking "" "" by the Oriental TV and blue flame hualubaina, all produced variety star straddling fashion "my new clothes" (the original "goddess’s new clothes", season third) this week will usher in the fashion movement. Has a devil figure of Lin Chiling in this period will be "new clothes" partner in the three quarter of the big name designer KTZ, the goddess of explosive head "dragon tactic" interpretation, constantly surprises! This week my "new clothes" will usher in "the beauty of all love sports — greeting Olympics" theme. The temperament of the goddess Lin Chiling and the designer partner KTZ into the film "dragon tactic" elements, the interpretation of a ghoul battle! Always elegant Lin Chiling for the first time to challenge No Mero: explosive head, tights, the temperament of the goddess turned into a ghoul, overbearing. In the last phase of the rock and roll night program, Lin Chiling has broken through the self, interpretation of handsome male god, lead the audience stunning. The goddess and 360 degree reversal, the audience brought no small surprise. To participate in the program, the goddess has made a lot of modeling in the breakthrough, from the intellectual elegance of the OL workplace loaded, to the girl’s heart full of children’s belly dress, and then to attack the gas man loaded. Lin Chiling every show to the audience to feel fresh. And to match the stage effect better, Lin Chiling this week will also challenge the high wire, the opening is also full of cool drop from the clouds of the goddess, the goddess so desperately also let fans to show full of expectation. Cool dance collocation sincerity fashion works, believe that Lin Chiling’s stage will be amazing!相关的主题文章: