Linda’s classic PK Ma Sichun’s literature which do you prefer

Linda’s classic PK Ma Sichun’s literature which do you prefer? The recent major fashion week and a big wave to heel, Chinese actress big show clothing and jewelry is not stop, not only on Ma Sichun’s literary fashion week Hailu Qin and strong woman, retro, classic and stylish Linda, and all star Conference on domestic dress is beauty, is to give you see is not the same surprise! Who do you like better? Fashionable special square neck design, and bow straps elaborate good adorable, Linda with black dress collocation Forevermark sling diamonds, simple fashion, small woman show. Ma Sichun elegant debut GUCCI2017 spring and summer show. She was wearing a GUCCI2016 winter series, Royal collar and double G beads full skirt collocation, hot GUCCI handbags and the same brand of Maryja high-heeled shoes, retro art. Gucci 2017 Cruise Collection pearl ring reveals the little girl’s sense of humor. Local time on September 21st, Hailu Qin Alberta Ferretti in the spring of 2017 series of blue texture suit, as in the past and clear! Slightly exposed black Bra, showing the small business line, more than a little sexy, hand ring and decorated with diamond earrings dotting the eye-catching, from Forevermark forevermark. Ella Chen HOGAN in the spring and summer of 2017 preview scene lively appeared wearing a striped shirt and ~ thick shoes Ella naughty funny casual collocation jewelry more a charming little woman temperament ~ September 20th morning, Yao Tong departed Milan fashion week, she dressed in loose white HM PEACEBIRD T-shirt, black hole jeans, MANGO suede boots, collocation Mulberry black chain decoration package, Gentle Monster sunglasses, MonkiWorld ring letter full of fun, casual handsome. White T-shirt, floral skirt collocation, are the most basic elements of popular, fresh and natural feeling of little girls, Linda Van Cleef & Choker on collocation; and sunglasses and black clover Pendant Arpels classic, fashionable breath. The evening of September 23rd, Princess Zhang Tianai wearing Tiffany & Co. platinum diamond earrings and necklace, the "Silk Road" unveiled at the Xi’an International Film Festival opening ceremony of the red carpet. In the pure platinum inlaid firmly under the diamond to the greatest extent highlights the bright color of fire, which first appeared on the film festival red carpet "Princess" invented more brilliant and moving. Lan Qin’s elegant white dress with KEER Chiba senior jewelry collocation is not very perfect? Elegant certainly do not have to say. Good words, not the entire interview process is very Weakness lends wings to rumours., with. The new look white lily is more fresh white goddess fan children, simple fashion, jewelry worn by senior Chanel is to add some feminine, this dress is also very thin, you can see the entity?相关的主题文章: