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Line Note 7 part of the machine was recalled, lithium battery explosion how to prevent? Sohu, science and technology [Technews] China Science News Samsung Galaxy Note 7 bombing occurred, Samsung immediately launched an investigation, but the results have not come out, the bad news came on the market in Note 7 second fried. In September 18th, Post Bar ID @ meow star my friends broke the news to buy their own country for the golden Note 7 also exploded. According to the pictures uploaded by users, the front face of the gold Samsung Note 7 severe burns. It is reported that this golden Note 7 and the first deep fried coral blue version of the same batch, but also in the Jingdong to buy. Long line Note 7 second fried, golden Version (Source: Baidu Note 7 Post Bar) – line Note 7 first fried, coral blue version (Source: Baidu Note 7 Post Bar) at present, the author found that Samsung mobile phone browsing Jingdong flagship store, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on the main page has no other display, search for "Galaxy Note 7 out of the results page, the mobile phone is out of state display. While Tmall’s Samsung mobile flagship store, Samsung Galaxy note 7 both show, but also to buy. Earlier, media reports, due to defects in lithium batteries, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mobile phones in the global context, there have been dozens of explosions, affected by this, Samsung can only be sold and a large area to recall the phone. However, the National Bank Note version 7 did not use the battery provided by the problem battery manufacturers, so it is not within the scope of the recall. Today, by the impact of the explosion of the State Bank Note 7, Samsung also changed attitudes. According to reporter 18 from the National Quality Inspection Bureau was informed of the news, Samsung has been to the State Quality Inspection Administration filed a recall plan, from July 20, 2016 to August 5, 2016 will recall during the manufacturing part of the Galaxy Note 7 mobile phone, 1858 Taiwan in the mainland in the scope of the recall. However, it is regrettable that after the September 1st launch of the National Bank Note 7 version is not in this range. Lithium battery failure, mobile phones, cars and other injuries Samsung released in the UK phone recall instructions, given the reasons for the explosion of Note 7. Samsung believes that the cause of the explosion is a lithium battery, when the battery anode and cathode contact with each other, when the battery overheating phenomenon, which led to the explosion. In addition to the Samsung, the industry further pointed out that, when the battery is subjected to thermal shock, overcharge and overdischarge, fierce collision, the inside of the battery active material and electrolyte composition between chemical and electrochemical reaction will occur, affected by this, the batteries may rise, when the battery internal heat and pressure accumulated to a certain extent when the battery at相关的主题文章: