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Liu Cigui: to enhance the level of audit to better serve the economic and social development — Hainan channel — Hainan channel in October 10 Haikou Xinhua (reporter Mao Lei) the morning of October 10th, Hainan governor Liu Cigui to the provincial audit department research and held seminars, stressed the need to further strengthen the construction of the audit team, improve audit ability level, and strive to achieve the audit work full coverage, improve the accuracy of the audit work, improve the implementation of the rectification responsibility, to better serve the province’s economic and social development. Liu Cigui listened carefully to the audit report and everyone’s speech, and fully affirmed the contribution of the audit department to the healthy development of the province’s economy and society. He said, to strengthen the audit supervision, coordination and promotion is inevitable requirement of "four comprehensive" strategic layout, implementation of national governance systems and governance capacity modernization, perfecting supervision system, to promote the construction of clean government is to strengthen the supervision of the operation of public power, need to promote the construction of leading cadres of duty, the effectiveness of the government. To attach great importance to the audit work. To further strengthen the audit work, Liu Cigui requirements, to strengthen the construction of the audit team, improve audit ability and level, better economic and social development in the service. Efforts to build a political discipline professional audit team, closely around the four overall layout and the implementation of the new concept of development, in terms of ideology and action with Comrade Xi Jinping as general secretary of the CPC Central Committee to maintain a high degree of consistency, serving the overall situation of national development and reform. We should reform and innovate, adapt to the new situation, learn new ideas and adopt new methods. To rely on science and technology, strengthen learning, improve the quality of audit, especially to good use of big data to carry out the audit, to provide more accurate recommendations for the provincial government scientific decision-making. To improve the quality, and constantly improve the staff’s audit ability. To fulfill their duties, strict requirements, responsible for the audit results in the end. Liu Cigui stressed that the audit work to implement the party with responsibility, with responsibility with the trial, the trial should be as far as possible, where the trial must be strict "requirements, to full coverage and accuracy. To make all public funds, state-owned assets, state-owned resources are under the supervision of the audit, leaving no blind spots and dead, continue to strengthen the deterrent force and effectiveness of the audit; seize the key to accurate audit, do analysis of the facts clearly and objectively, accurately grasp the policy problem, in place, a clear division of responsibilities, truly responsible, responsible for the history of post. To effectively integrate resources, make full use of social audit power, timely make up for the shortage of audit staff, part of the field of professional strength and so on. Liu Cigui requirements, to further improve the rectification responsibility system, strengthen supervision and inspection, serious accountability accountability, to ensure that the audit achieved tangible results. The audit units should promptly implement the audit findings and the relevant audit recommendations. To serious rectification accountability, on major issues found in the audit, according to the law and discipline to deal with, severely punished; of typical and universal tendency to reflect the audit, timely research, improve the system requirements. The relevant departments should support and cooperate with each other to form the joint efforts of supervision work to ensure that the problems are found out in the end. Provincial Party Committee Standing Committee, deputy provincial Mao long peak presided over the forum, the Provincial Government Secretary General Lu Zhiyuan to participate in research and discussion. (responsibility)

刘赐贵:提升审计水平更好地服务经济社会发展–人民网海南频道–人民网 人民网海南频道海口10月10日电(记者 毛雷)10月10日上午,海南省长刘赐贵到省审计厅调研并召开座谈会,强调要进一步强化审计队伍建设,不断提升审计能力水平,努力实现审计工作全覆盖,不断提高审计工作的精准性,健全落实整改责任制,更好地服务全省经济社会发展。 刘赐贵认真听取了审计工作汇报和大家的发言,对审计部门为全省经济社会健康发展做出的贡献给予充分肯定。他说,加强审计监督工作,是协调推进“四个全面”战略布局、实现国家治理体系和治理能力现代化的必然要求,是健全完善监督体系、推动廉洁政府建设的需要,是强化公共权力运行监督、促进领导干部履职尽责、建设效能政府的需要,要高度重视审计工作。 就进一步加强审计工作,刘赐贵要求,要强化审计队伍建设,不断提升审计能力和水平,更好在服务经济社会发展。努力打造一支讲政治守纪律业务精的审计队伍,紧紧围绕四个全面布局和贯彻新发展理念,在思想上、行动上与习近平同志为总书记的党中央保持高度一致,服务国家改革发展大局。要改革创新,适应新形势、学习新理念、采用新办法。要依靠科技,加强学习,提高审计质量,特别是要很好研究运用大数据开展审计,为省委省政府科学决策提供更多准确建议。要提升素质,不断提升工作人员的审计能力。要履职尽责,从严要求,对审计结果负责到底。 刘赐贵强调,审计工作要落实好“党政同责、同责同审”、 “应审尽审、凡审必严”的要求,要全覆盖和精准度并重。依法使所有公共资金、国有资产、国有资源都在审计监督之下,不留盲区和死角,不断增强审计的威慑力和实效性;抓住重点精准审计,做到事实清晰客观、问题分析准确、政策掌握到位、责任划分明确,真正对岗位负责、对历史负责。要有效整合资源,充分利用社会审计力量,及时弥补审计人手紧张、部分专业领域力量不足等问题。 刘赐贵要求,要进一步健全整改责任制,强化督促检查、严肃问责追责,确保审计取得实效。对审计发现的问题和相关审计建议,被审计单位要及时整改落实。要严肃整改问责,对审计发现的重大问题,要依法依纪作出处理,严肃追究有关人员责任;对审计反映的典型性、普遍性、倾向性问题,要及时研究,完善制度规定。各有关部门要相互支持配合,形成监督工作合力,确保发现问题一查到底。 省委常委、常务副省长毛超峰主持座谈会,省政府秘书长陆志远参加调研座谈。 (责编:王宁、蒋成柳)相关的主题文章: