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Liu Youming: "focus on strengthening the functions of the four big center" to promote the series of major urban construction projects — Guangxi Channel – October 13th, Secretary of the Chongzuo Municipal Committee, municipal people’s Congress Chairman Liu Youming into the construction site a number of city construction of major project research, project construction schedule, coordinate and solve related problems, in the center of city development. Liu Youming stressed that we should focus on strengthening the Chongzuo as the four major functions of economic center, trade center, cultural center, tourist hub, city planning and promoting the series of major construction projects, efforts in the development of Chongzuo second 10 years to build a new Chongzuo, new features and charm. In the investigation of a day, Liu Youming led the city investment company, development and Reform Commission, municipal construction committee, Planning Bureau, Finance Bureau, Land Bureau, Education Bureau, Water Conservancy Bureau, Tourism Commission and other departments responsible person and Jiangzhou District government leaders, has deep friendship Park, city water ecological project of South District diversion into the south canal, city project, Career Academy Chongzuo City studio to change the two phase of the project construction, Chongzuo City Sports Center project, Lijiang District of Binjiang Avenue in the middle of ASEAN, Taiping Road construction project, such as the ancient city of a plurality of points to carry out field research, and to understand the Nanning Chongzuo passenger car lines, the left River project, noctivagant project listen to the project planning, to understand the progress in the construction of the project, put forward specific requirements to the construction work of the next step. Liu Youming stressed that the current construction and development of Chongzuo has entered the second period of 10 years, this is the key period of Chongzuo city construction padded short board, enhance the function, step by step. We should conscientiously implement the relevant requirements of the Fourth Party Congress of the deployment of Chongzuo City, resolutely fight the battle of new urbanization, further accelerate the improvement and enhance the function of Chongzuo city center. Liu Youming stressed that in the city of Chongzuo second 10 year development period especially the "13th Five-Year" period, we will take Chongzuo as the center of the city functions, enhanced and promoted as an important goal, to further improve and promote Chongzuo as the economic center, trade center, cultural center and tourist hub function, through to strengthen these four centers in Chongzuo, Chongzuo to promote consumption, reading, travel, and attract more non Chongzuo people to Chongzuo tourism, consumption, study, employment, and further strengthen the center city of Chongzuo. Liu Youming required to build around the Chongzuo economic center, trade center, cultural center, tourist center, planning and promoting a number of major projects of city construction, a series of projects is to enhance the transformation of urban water system, urban road network is two and three series of bridge project, is the education of a series of projects, four landscaping projects, five is the business market in six is a series of projects, public services and public facilities projects, seven real estate construction project. To focus on the seven series of projects, started a number of major projects, planning a number of major projects, the reserve of a number of major projects. Liu Youming stressed that we put forward two big article, the four major battle, not just stay in slogans and documents, but to reflect on the real specific projects. To carefully planning, in-depth study of urban construction projects; to list a list of projects, a clear responsibility to develop a schedule, and effectively promote the construction of the project相关的主题文章: