Liu Zhenyun denies Baoqiang Wang no culture he’s not easy 9c8814

Liu Zhenyun denied Baoqiang Wang "no culture": he has been very easy – Beijing, the original author and screenwriter Liu Zhenyun for figure Beijing, August 29 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhang Xi) 28, the movie "one top ten thousand" held fixed gear conference in Beijing, announced that the film will be released in November 11th. Author Liu Zhenyun, director Liu Yulin, starring Sun Qian, Li Qian attended the rally, ashler. The movie "top ten thousand sentences" adapted from Liu Zhenyun’s novel of the same name, the depth of the common people’s marriage life and entanglement. The day after, not before, people in the world are everywhere, said people hard to find thousands of miles "," all the tragedy can not withstand scrutiny, careful scrutiny, a comedy "are regarded as saying. Liu Zhenyun and her daughter for the film side of the film for the plot of the plot and the divorce of similar events, Liu Zhenyun bluntly: Po is not very easy, and do not want to put this thing on his body to go up on the other side of the body, and the other side of the story, and the story of the film, such as the film, and the story of the film, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on." He believes that everyone is concerned about the life of gossip, and works of art is directed at the people, although the film is similar to life, but the focus is not the same. However, Liu Zhenyun also mentioned that he had wanted to invite Baoqiang Wang starred in a top ten thousand sentences. As Baoqiang Wang’s friend, Liu Zhenyun bluntly disagreed with the outside world for Baoqiang Wang posted "no culture" label, in his opinion, the reason why Baoqiang Wang in the movie "Hello," Mr. tree a wonderful performance, due to their deep culture, this culture from his life experience and experience". Photo   it is worth mentioning that, as a "top ten thousand" director Liu Yulin, it is the daughter of Liu Zhenyun. Liu Yulin graduated from the New York University film school graduate school, "Cech" video directed by earlier shortlisted more than and 50 International Film Festival, won 10 international awards, including Oscar (student) narrative film award. The father talked about cooperation, Liu Yulin joked, "I can’t bear, take this work, but I moved a step to the extraordinary". Liu Zhenyun to work to evaluate the cooperation between the two sides, "the daily life is A hedge between keeps friendship green., chicken dog sound laosibuxiangwanglai." (end)相关的主题文章: