Make unannounced visits to the Beijing egg black market egg donors in yen value determines the price mcncc

Make unannounced visits to the Beijing egg black market: egg donors in yen value determines the price of public service channels – No.3 Hospital of Peking University reproductive medical center at the entrance of the surrogate for eggs advertising. Not long ago, the 17 year old girl in Guangzhou donated eggs to take eggs once the risk of death of the report, so that the underground donated egg black market surfaced. Reporters have not yet received the relevant data on the underground egg donation institutions, but according to statistics in 2015, China has more than 40 million infertility patients, the need for assisted reproduction of pregnant women of childbearing age about about 3 million. Domestic regular egg bank can not meet the demand. How big is the underground egg market? For now, even for the average person, it is not difficult to contact an underground egg donor. Located in Beijing, Haidian District, No.3 Hospital of Beijing University, near the center of reproductive medicine, sidewalks and bridges on the donated eggs, eggs for the surrogate, small ads stretch hundreds of meters. On the Internet, as long as the search donated eggs or buy eggs, but also to find a large number of intermediaries. Some intermediaries clear bid 20 thousand to 60 thousand. In some colleges and universities in Beijing and Shanghai post bar, the reporter also found a lot of love to donate eggs post, labeled nutrition 1 to 30 thousand. Chat with the intermediary screenshot. Egg price by donor education, Yan value decided in October 17th, Chinese youth network reporter through the QQ search "egg", "Beijing" keywords found three Beijing area of egg donation QQ group, to join, but not through the verification. Two hours later, the screen name for the test tube reproductive center QQ account sent a message, saying it was contacted to donate eggs and egg customers intermediary. The reporter just graduated from college to identity expressed the hope that the egg donation, required to provide a personal basic information, including occupation, education, professional, Graduate School, body weight, blood, skin, eyes, face, facial features, the most satisfactory place in holidays, hobbies, gender preference etc.. After receiving the reporter’s personal information, the agency further asked reporters to send 4 recent photos and qualifications to prove to customers. The agency said that the academic credentials will be verified in the school network, the appearance of the egg donation is not very important, customers pay more attention to education. In addition, don’t, don’t take the pill recently, time is not the law of not smoking, not alcoholics. Intermediary reminder, the above can be checked according to a number of physical examination, and hope that the donor egg weight. Reporter provides a certificate of qualifications of 985 colleges and universities, and gives the ideal price of $60 thousand". In the intermediary sent to the "egg donation note," wrote: "education is not sweet enough to look, the price will be low; not enough to look at the academic level can only be blind to donate (blind donation refers to the customer, not a pair of eggs)." As a reporter in blood type AB blood group AB, said the agency is too scarce, only the couple is a AB type or a a, a B reporter will choose the source of eggs, many customers will not be considered too troublesome. Near the center of reproductive medicine, No.3 Hospital of Peking University, intensive surrogacy, egg advertising. Usually in Beijing see clients to take eggs intermediary told reporters in the field, arrange the donors and purchase eggs are generally meet before the egg donor period for a period of time, such as the two sides reached an agreement, when the holidays to the net相关的主题文章: