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Manufacturing senior technicians gap of over 4 million people for seven thousand people to [Abstract] coastal manufacturing for many years "Recruitment", one is the rise in labor costs, one is even paid is not easy to recruit suitably skilled workers. Even if the wage increase to three percent higher than the industry, Jiang Yu still can not find the right technical workers. Jiang Yu is a sock factory owner in Hangzhou. According to him, in his factory treatment will not be worse than the electronics factory". But even if the number of strokes per year is not much, but not enough people to apply for. Jiang Yu is experienced has swept coastal manufacturing for many years "recruitment difficult", one is the rise in labor costs, one is even paid is not easy to recruit suitably skilled workers, "said seven thousand difficult to recruit professional and technical workers" and other news description is the dilemma faced by Jiang Yu. Manufacturing senior technicians gap over 4 million released the two quarter of 2015 the Ministry of human resources and social part of city public employment services market supply and demand data show that demand from the industry, 80.6% enterprises employing demand concentrated in manufacturing, wholesale and retail, accommodation and catering industry of the three industry, the manufacturing sector accounted for the highest 34.7%. In addition, from the demand side, 56% of the demand for technical grade or professional technical titles have clear requirements. Among them, technicians, senior technicians, senior engineers, senior job vacancies and job seekers ratio, respectively, 2, 1.94, 1.81, 1.77. The Department had another statistics show that 225 million China employment in the second industry, senior technicians only manufacturing gap reached more than 400 people. Ningxia Petrochemical Group Chairman Sun Hengchao also told the media that, in recent years, the lack of high-quality technical workers has become a common problem in many industries. The lack of skilled workers has caused a series of negative effects, one of which is that the cost of labor is increasing. "Do or don’t do it? If you don’t do it, where will the wages come from? But do they lose money, small businesses can not bear it put up the shutters." Zhuji, Zhejiang, a female shoe factory boss Li Xin (a pseudonym) told the Beijing News reporter. Zhuji is located in Shaoxing, China’s textile industry. According to Li Xin, in 2015, Shaoxing light is off 80 printing and dyeing factory, the primary reason is the increasing cost of employees. Li Xin said, plus the cost of social security spending, now Zhejiang hire a worker costs 4500 yuan, but the total vietnam southeast Asian countries may be as long as 800 yuan, so the foreign brands take orders over there now, "" people "has become a big problem". Young people do not love into the factory, Jiang Yu told the Beijing News reporter, young people do not love into the factory is the main reason for the shortage of skilled workers. Now, in fact, looking for work and a lot of people, the problem is that young people generally want to do electricity providers, open shop, do service, do not like to do the manufacturing plant". Mary (a pseudonym) is one of them. After an electronics factory in Shenzhen for three months, Mary returned to the hometown of Shanxi. "It’s boring in the factory. It’s the same thing every day." Mary said. Back to his hometown of Shuozhou Mary opened a shop, "Ga" mother, Frank)相关的主题文章: