May be Jobs welding apple 1 auction out of $815 thousand

Jobs may be welded Apple 1 auction $815 thousand Tencent Francisco, according to U.S. technology news site AppleInsider reported that not long ago, Apple Corp early a Apple 1 computer (actually computer motherboard) for charity auction, the auction has ended, the final auction price of $815 thousand. Apple 1 is Apple’s first generation of personal computer, but only for computer users to buy fancier, is actually a motherboard, need to go home and buy their own keyboard and display equipment, assembling a complete personal computer. Later, one of the apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, independently developed Apple 2 computer, which has become the history of mankind’s first commercial success of the personal computer, the Apple Corp has therefore begun. According to reports, the proceeds of the auction will be donated to the part of the Arizona leukemia lymphoma society". Auction items in addition to the computer motherboard, but also other documents, as well as the BASIC development language, including the tape, the above text written by Apple’s early employees Dan Kottke. Dan Kottke has said that the auction of the computer motherboard may not be made by him, the outside world estimates, taking into account the work of the division of Apple employees, the motherboard may be Jobs himself welding. According to reports, the auction is quite early apple Apple 1 computer, may be a prototype computer motherboard. Wozniak said that in the history of similar computer motherboards have not been auctioned for the public. However, the price of the auction did not hit a record 1 Apple. 2014 of October, one of the world’s existing 50 Apple one of the 1 computers were auctioned, the price of up to $905 thousand, also broke the previous record of $671 thousand. It is reported that the main board of the auction, the first owner has no way of knowing. Now the owner in 2000 to spend $18 thousand to buy it, $18 thousand is the prevailing market. It is worth mentioning that, Apple 2 huge sales of computers, there is not much value in the collection, so the market often take out the auction, often the first generation of computer motherboards. (comprehensive promotion: Dawn) with VR to play the game more cool? How cool is it with VR? Everything about VR, here, VR dimension WeChat public number (qqtechvr), a virtual world quest!相关的主题文章: