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Adorable baby adult interpretation of films and TV series   40% users disagree — Yunnan channel — original title: adorable baby adult interpretation of films and TV series 40% users that do not agree with Chinese according to the voice of "peak Evening News" reported, "who is in the ear, that love will never change me……" Recently, a starring children’s children’s version of "White Snake" in a TV broadcast program mode to "children play drama" form "play classic, classic". In this remake of drama, all the actors are not ten years old, every action, every expression vivid interpretation, so users exclaimed "God restored". In an amazing sound, some people questioned: kids love story, the children’s innocence, there are others curry favour by claptrap too; not to regard it as right: what’s the big deal, but a variety of ways to let the children understand the traditional culture. Adorable baby interpretation of adult film theme appropriate? The results of the survey: nearly 40% users believe that the child is actually a hobby and interpretation of adult drama imitate, do not talk about love color. Micro-blog @happy users in the grass: children play love story and when we play. What is the difference between ~ and they play good to support! Micro-blog users @ Kahui thrall: now the kids with our little time really is not the same, a lot of things obscure know a lot, and hide as guide. There are nearly 40% of users said that the child’s age should be naivete, do not agree with the children early exposure to adult movie and TV drama. Micro-blog users @ beauty Mei Mei: I said do not agree, because the children after all, in their naivete age, should not be involved early love life to the children of this age are ignorant stage, they love bold attempt, willing to imitate go once into the show, the consequences may be unbearable to contemplate. Love and other negative effects, the negative growth on the health of children. Micro-blog netizen @ North Jiangsu grassroots news: let a group of children play a love drama, how much good for the child I did not see it, there are a lot of children before the TV series are inspirational youth classes, there are some positive significance. Do not take the child’s innocence to win a smile. (Xu Qian, Sheng Yu wood: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: