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"Meranti" left Zhejiang Wenzhou: best production – the new Beijing, September 19 Wenzhou Xinhua (reporter Li Tingting Intern Chen Jie) by the year fourteenth typhoon "Meranti" impact, Zhejiang city of Wenzhou province due to heavy rainfall and more severely affected. The Taishun County short-time rainfall is up to hundred years. After the typhoon, the sun came from all walks of life, a warm home in this together, to rebuild the local cadres and the masses to put into production and post disaster self-help. No. fourteenth typhoon "Meranti this year" in September 15th 3 in the morning 05 points before and after landing in the coastal areas of Xiangan District of Xiamen City, Fujian Province, the external impact of wind and rain, as of September 16th 17, Taishun county’s population of 193 thousand people affected, 150 houses collapsed, damaged 3671 houses, the typhoon caused a direct economic loss of the county reached 2 billion 6 million yuan. Among them, the Taishun ancient bridges were destroyed by floods make people regret. According to Taishun media Bureau statistics, in addition to Xue Zhaiqiao, the heavy bridge, Wen Xing 3 National bridge was destroyed by floods, the suffered varying degrees of damage of bridges also includes a 2 seat national security unit ancient bridge north bridge Jian, Yongqing bridge and 1 provincial conservation unit Nanxi ancient bridge bridge, it is estimated that the repair the complex cost about 12 million yuan. For a time, and take the lead in donations, looking for spontaneous initiatives continue to unfold the story of wooden frame. "We were born and raised in Taishun, so miss homeland family safety, and rehabilitation care of Taishun bridge." 15, 2009, the Taishun chamber of Commerce in Hangzhou, Taishun Entrepreneurs Association executive secretary of the Deputy Secretary of the long hair of China issued a proposal for the first time, organized by the Thai commercial fund-raising relief. In recent days, people spontaneously donated nearly two million yuan, nearly 80% members of bridges was found. The action of the masses, to repair bridges kept the most precious raw materials." Taishun County deputy magistrate in charge of culture, Ping Ping said. At the same time in Taishun is expected to build ancient bridges, local mudslides 8 year old girl every day (a pseudonym) also prompted concern. The mid autumn festival day, every day to follow their parents to drive from the town of Taishun county to the county town of Si three Quebec grandmother eat family reunion dinner, passing through the tunnel in the limestone? Flood triggered landslides, one family misfortune is to break up. After every day, survived, and transferred to the second hospital of Wenzhou Medical University Affiliated treatment. In order to help the family more difficult every day, Wenzhou city public network Federation launched online donation project, many people love generously. In bursts of warmth, to rebuild their homes after the earthquake is launched like a raging fire. Taishun County Shi Yang Zhen Xi tou Dong Cun in the water after the typhoon, blackout, village roads covered by mud. The town cadres immediately home village, while verification of the disaster, mobilize the villagers to carry out post disaster self-help, while the distribution of relief supplies, and to mobilize the relevant village committee set up love meal, let people eat hot meals. Taishun County Shi Yang Zhen Xi tou Dong Cun disaster affects 68 year old Lin Shi Yang town Party heart. From September 17th onwards, the day dawn, put up a big pot boil porridge, again to near the affected people, to assist the government departments to help the victims through difficult. Under his leadership)相关的主题文章: