Miao Wei Taxi software overall positive attitude to suppress the adverse-lightscape

Miao Wei: Taxi software overall positive disadvantage to suppress Sina Francisco February 25th noon news, in today’s State Council Information Office held a press conference, the Ministry of industry minister Miao Wei pointed out that, in general, the Ministry held a positive and supportive attitude to taxi software, but in the development process to avoid. It is a good place to play, the disadvantageous place to be suppressed to a minimum level. Miao Wei believes that the taxi software represents the Internet era is actually a new product brought about by the sharing economy. The emergence of new things will bring great impact on the traditional industry, such as taxi software will bring great impact and impact on the traditional taxi. In terms of specific supervision, Miao Wei said that, due to the application of Internet technology, the Ministry of industry has also participated in the taxi software supervision, but the specific regulatory measures, the Ministry of transport has formulated and solicit opinions in the community. Previously, the Ministry of transport issued issued a "General Office of the Ministry of transport on the promotion of mobile phone software called taxi call services such as the orderly development of the notice", clearly required that all localities should strive to create a healthy environment for development of open, fair, standardized and orderly, encourage and support the development of the car manual telephone call, provide basic call do not use the service for the mobile phone software called car passengers, protect the people enjoy the equalization of travel services. (Zhi Yong) of the Q & a Japanese NHK television reporter: China government put forward the "public entrepreneurship, innovation" slogan, drops a taxi can be regarded as innovative models, but the taxi drops these new business services and Chinese traditional regulators have some contradiction, ask the Ministry to look at how the taxi drops this company, future is also support this innovative enterprise. Miao Wei: represented by drop taxi, is actually a new product of sharing economy or sharing economy in the Internet era. Of course, the emergence of new things will bring great impact on the traditional industry, a great impact, for example, the traditional taxi will bring great impact and influence. In fact, the regulator is not in the Ministry of industry and information technology, in the Department of transportation, of course, we are also involved, because it involves the application of Internet technology. On the whole, we are actively supported by the attitude, but in the process to avoid disadvantages, give full play to its good place, put those unfavorable places should be suppressed to the lowest level, as a whole, a positive support attitude. Specific supervision, I noticed that the Ministry of transport has developed a management approach, and seek advice in the community, is now in the process of soliciting opinions, the detailed situation you can understand the Ministry of transport.

苗圩:对打车软件总体持积极态度 不利处要压制   新浪科技讯 2月25日午间消息,在今日国务院新闻办举行的发布会上,工信部部长苗圩指出,从总体上来说,工信部对打车软件持积极支持的态度,但在发展过程当中要趋利避害,把它好的地方充分发挥出来,把那些不利的地方要压制到最低的水平。   苗圩认为,打车软件代表的实际上是互联网时代共享经济带来的一个新产物。新生事物的出现对传统行业会带来很大的冲击,比如打车软件对传统的出租车会带来很大的冲击和影响。   在具体监管方面,苗圩表示,由于涉及到互联网技术的应用,工信部也参与了打车软件的监管,但具体的监管办法交通运输部已经制定并在社会上征求意见。   此前,交通运输部曾发布出台了《交通运输部办公厅关于促进手机软件召车等出租汽车电召服务有序发展的通知》,明确要求各地要着力营造开放、公平、规范、有序的健康发展环境,鼓励支持发展人工电话召车,为不使用手机软件召车的乘客提供基本电召服务,保障人民群众享有均等化出行服务。(智勇)   下附问答原文:   日本NHK电视台记者:中国政府提出“大众创业、万众创新”的口号,滴滴打车可以算是创新的榜样,但是滴滴打车这些新的企业的服务和中国传统的监管有一些矛盾的地方,请问工信部怎么看待滴滴打车这样的公司,今后是否还支持这样创新型的企业。   苗圩:以滴滴打车为代表的,实际上是一种互联网时代共享经济或者叫分享经济的一个新产物。当然新生事物的出现对传统行业会带来很大的冲击,很大的影响,比如对传统的出租车会带来很大的冲击和影响。实际上这个监管部门不在工业和信息化部,在交通运输部,当然我们也参与了,因为涉及到互联网技术的应用。    从总体上来说,我们是积极支持的态度,但是在过程当中要趋利避害,把它好的地方充分发挥出来,把那些不利的地方要压制到最低的水平,总体上持一个积极支持的态度。具体的监管,我注意到交通运输部已经制定了一个管理的办法,并且在社会上征求意见,现在正在征求意见的过程当中,详细的情况您可以向交通运输部了解。相关的主题文章: