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The Mid Autumn Festival Guangzhou supermarket rational consumption product sales increased nearly 30% [Abstract]17 Day holiday ended, a number of business representatives reflect the Mid Autumn Festival holiday food, clothing, cosmetics and jewelry sales is considerable, but the public rational consumption. Mid Autumn Festival, the major shopping centers in Guangzhou, such as the flow of crucian carp. Nanfang Daily reporter Xiao Xiong Zhang Ziwang photo Nanfang Daily News (reporter Zhang Xilu Zhu Weiliang correspondent Li Zhanmin Dai Chongye) during the Mid Autumn Festival holiday from typhoon Guangzhou blue sky, let shopping, gathering of friends and family, family reunion has become the main activities of Guangzhou public holidays, the business also did not forget to make a sale, playing the wedding, season promotion card. The 17 day holiday ended, a number of business representatives reflect the Mid Autumn Festival holiday food, clothing, cosmetics and jewelry sales is considerable, but the public consumption is more rational, blindly buy buy buy much, on-demand shopping into the mainstream. A simple wind the festival consumption Xuncheng found that the Mid Autumn Festival this year, Guangzhou shopping malls, upscale and luxury seems to be detached, both the layout or brand, is quite satisfactory". This year, the quality of goods is good, the price is close to the people, is truly affordable, cost-effective. Tianhe City Department Store official told reporters: public consumption is becoming more rational, we make more use of holidays, members of the day held promotional activities to attract consumers, such as gifts, etc.. In addition, WeChat, the network lock the old customers, such as double points, etc.." Even the day, I see every supermarket crowded and checkout queues. Home shoppers Ms. Sun told reporters that the holiday preferential relatively large, therefore is also taking advantage of holiday over purchasing necessities. In order to meet the public demand for shopping, during the festival, the city’s major supermarkets, actively adjust the goods, the goods festival as the flagship brand, daily sales of edible oil, rice, meat, wine, beverages, cakes, moon cake and other hundreds of festival products increased by nearly 30% than usual. The marriage season drive gold sales of Mid Autumn Festival approaching, coincides with the international price of gold fell again to $1316 an ounce, the domestic gold jewelry market "hunters" sound can be heard without end. This year, gold, jewelry promotional efforts are not small, some brands set up 55% off promotions. For example, in the 55% off part of the jewelry Dongshan Department Store held promotional activities, usually in the price of 8000 yuan a pearl necklace, the current price is only 3600 yuan. "Gold jewelry export price of 308 yuan per gram, sales is very good, especially the Huadiwan shop, the mid autumn day is the Dragon Bracelet sold more than 40." Dongshan Department Store Manager Dai Chongye said, the three day gold sales compared with the last 3 days, an estimated 12% increase over. According to reflect the Grandbuy gold jewelry building, into the end of the wedding night, so gold, inlaid sales rebound, Longfeng bracelet, gold necklace, diamond ring wedding has become a hot commodity, have different proportions of growth.相关的主题文章: