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Lift the "migrant workers returning tide"   the children of migrant workers returning home schooling is hard to adapt to education — people.com.cn original title: migrant workers lifted the return of the tide of children of migrant workers returning to study is hard to adapt to the original "just back home, always feel confused, she twisted her heart." For 8 years ago to return home to study, the 23 year old Yang Jiang still sigh is helpless. Different from the left behind children and migrant children, migrant workers return home children in 2008, accompanied by migrant workers return home, the emergence of a special group. They are in the social drift and migration, from a foreign land to their hometown, flow and left behind, out of and into the cultural conflict, they are confused in the new environment, struggling, no measures, deep in the back of the trapped. They are not only 8 years ago, Yang Jiang, today, the same is more about the future of the children of migrant workers. Home schooling is hard to adapt to Yang Jiang’s home is located in Sichuan Guangyuan Wangcang County village, at the end of 90s, because of family difficulties, unable to support two children and four elderly parents and neighbors, Yang Jiang together to the coastal areas, eventually settled in Jiangsu. Only 7 year old Yang Jiang was taken away by his parents, sister was left home by grandparents care. For 8 years, Yang Jiang has been in Jiangsu to read private school, when considering the second day as a foreign student can not participate in the local college entrance examination, Yang Jiang returned to Wangcang to study. Unexpectedly, back to the first one or two years, very difficult to Yang Jiang concerned. Jiangsu eating sweet, spicy food in Sichuan; Jiangsu teacher standard Mandarin teachers in Sichuan, the "salt and pepper" to understand mandarin…… As a native of Sichuan, at the beginning of their discomfort that Yang Jiang did not know how to humanity. In particular, based on differences in economic development between the north and the south, he felt that the private schools in Jiangsu where the environment is much better than the home town of secondary school, and had to worry about their future studies. In short, it is difficult to adapt, and even feel out of tune." Yang Jiang said, Jiangsu from the primary stage of the English courses, and Sichuan English education is from junior high school began. This made him feel that English learning has been slowed down a lot; Jiangsu and Sichuan, there are differences in the syllabus, which led to some of his knowledge points had to repeat the study, and some of the missing new knowledge can only be completed by self-study. The situation and so on together to let him feel the pressure, originally a character quite outgoing boy became wordless. "I don’t want to get in touch with my classmates. They don’t want to be friends with me." Yang Jiang told reporters that it was really a period of depression, he did not know how to communicate with people around, including relatives. So he began to global Internet cafes playing games to resolve loneliness, fortunately did not affect the senior high school entrance examination enrollment, "about a year and a half later truly adjust back, back to the people of Sichuan." Now, Yang Jiang is a local university in Sichuan senior students, he often thought that if you did not go home to study, they may have a better school. Back in his home for third years, Jiangsu opened a different college entrance examination policy, no way, there are always some helpless life." In the eyes of revealing a little lonely. After returning home, the absence of the role of the school as a major province of labor output相关的主题文章: