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Monck masterpiece "bridge girl" Sotheby’s debut valuation of $50 million of Sina News New York Sotheby’s Impressionist and modern art night shoot the upcoming November 4th kicked off, and took the field one of the highlights of Edward? Munch (Edvard Munch) from the 1902 classic masterpiece "girl" is on the bridge, the painter in the art career Pinnacle the valuation of more than $50 million *. "Impressionist and modern art" and "contemporary art" autumn auction preview will be held by November 4th in New York Su Fu Bjork Avenue gallery. Edward? Munch classic masterpiece "bridge girl" in 1902, Meng Kehui under the bridge a "girl", when Meng Kezheng is in emotional period, but the creation was more fruitful. The emotional, is Munch’s creative career is full of surging power giant. Sotheby’s has broken two world record auction price of the works of Munch, and the "bridge girl" will be unveiled in November 14th Sotheby’s New York, valued at more than $50 million. Sotheby’s Impressionist and Modern Art Department of global joint director Simon Shaw talking about this: "in twentieth Century the various schools of art, Edward? Munch’s importance in any case are not too dark. From Fauvism and Expressionism to pop art, has a profound impact on modern art works of Munch, did not stop, people increasingly cherish their existing work. Munch advocates the art of self: recently the museum exhibition and Vincent Van Gogh? (Vincent van Gough), Robert? Thorpe (Robert Mapplethorpe) Mei Pu, Louise? (Louise Bourgeois), bourgeois Jasper? Jones (Jasper Johns) and Andy (Andy Warhol) such as Warhol? Artists juxtaposition, the art of Munch talent in today is more dazzling than ever before. Sotheby’s honored to present several times in the film field of Munch’s masterpiece, each and every one of them hit the market, "the bridge girl" is no exception. " More than twenty years, Edward? Munch works launched in the market, which is where all the center of Sotheby’s. In 1996, the girl on the bridge took $7 million 700 thousand, setting a record. In 2006, Sotheby’s in London held a historic auction, presented by Munch Thomas Olsen (Thomas Olsen sponsor?) eight Munch collection, shot a total of nearly $30 million, a more "summer" at a price of $10 million 800 thousand at the time of the auction record refresh. In 2008, Sotheby’s and two artists refresh auction record: first (again) is "bridge girl" (at $30 million 800 thousand), only six months after the "vampire" at the price of $38 million 200 thousand sold. 2012.相关的主题文章: