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Business As a success coach, the most important job I have is making sure others achieve success in their life to a point they never dreamed possible. I have to make sure people value motivation and goal setting. Today, I’d like to share with you an email my husband was sent. The concept discussed aligns perfectly with my concept of creating small measureable and achievable daily tasks. This is exactly what I teach in my series, 4 weeks to elite. Enjoy, I hope this inspires you! John, You know how we always talk about being goal oriented people? I have learned I am goal oriented particularly when I think I cannot do it. Tomorrow, I am running in my first ever half marathon. When I started the most I had ever run was four miles and I thought that was a huge feat. I started a twelve week training program which breaks down the unimaginable into tiny milestone achievements. Each week I would feel so proud of myself for running further than I had ever run before and it was kind of addictive. I used my dad as inspiration while I was training and thought to myself that for every challenging run, I could put up or shut up because he was stuck in a wheelchair and did not .plain. Then when he passed away I never once thought about quitting. I knew I had to do it to show him how strong I could be. I even ran the morning after. Thanks for being my coach. You have taught me a lot about how to put up or shut up when I need to over.e a challenge (and sometimes you know I can over.e it before I do). Thank you for always continuing to coach me. Some would not read and respond to every single email they are sent and offer coaching & motivation all the time. I know it makes me better each time. Thanks, Laura Friends, this is one of many emails and stories we hear about being able to achieve anything you want in life. This person clearly understands the value of motivation and goal setting. I challenge all of you to dig deep and think about how your impacting and helping others. I challenge you to fuel your energy into helping others achieve the unimaginable and what you will see is your life is enriched to a point YOU never dreamed possible. When you .mit to focusing on self improvement whether it be in business or life, the results you will achieve will be nothing short of remarkable. I believe in you and I believe if you find a mentor or success coach, you can achieve anything you want! Make it a great day! Copyright (c) 2010 Amy Matteson About the Author: 相关的主题文章: