Nanjing high-speed toll charges and then postponed the implementation of the new high-speed Nanjing dataload

Ma Ning expressway toll again postponed the implementation of the Nanjing Turnpike New Modern Express News, modern express reporter yesterday learned from the Nanjing municipal government, Nanjing municipal government loan toll road will implement a unified credit system management, the implementation of life yet determined. This means that, in September 23rd, the deadline for the closure of the Ma Ning high-speed, charging time is extended again. According to reports, at present, the Nanjing municipal government loan highway including Ning Ma Expressway in Jiangsu, ring road, Yong six high-speed, Nanjing four Yangtze River Bridge, Nanjing Raoyue high-speed northeast section and Nanjing Expressway in Jiangsu, a total of 6 projects. Affected by the technical level of the project, investment scale, geographical location, traffic flow and other factors, the gap between the financial situation of the highway is obvious, and the ability to repay the loan is generally poor. In particular, in September 23rd due to Ma Ning expressway, as of now, the project is still more than 500 million yuan in the stock of debt has not yet paid off. After the maturity of the issue is not only related to the repayment of the stock of debt, but also will affect the reform and expansion of the project of Nanjing Expressway financing. Yesterday afternoon, the Nanjing municipal government announced that the provincial government decided that the 6 government loan highway toll will implement unified management, unified management, loan repayment, the specific work undertaken by the Nanjing municipal traffic group highway toll management center. Unified credit system will be subject to strict budget management requirements, the implementation of the two lines of revenue and expenditure management. And, according to the Ministry of transport and other five ministries (Office) of the relevant charges work requirements, not approved by the Nanjing municipal 6 government loan highway system credit system also implementation period. Subject to the state "toll road management regulations," the revised, and then formally approved years.相关的主题文章: