Nanjing Jiangning largest residential property exchange industry presided over shield helmet and pro-tencent upd

Nanjing Jiangning district heat shield and helmet industry property presided over the confrontation property Modern Express News (reporter trainee reporter Sun Yuchun Ma Wanli) November 5th, Nanjing Jiangning Le Jia District due to the transfer of property, because the old property to withdraw, the scene at loggerheads, some owners even since the purchase of the shield helmet stab gloves, which guards confrontation with the old team owners property. Modern Express reporter on the scene saw a large number of early property cleaning staff stayed at the property office door, about 8:30, a large number of owners to leave Suzhou artall shouting. During the period of the owners of T-shirts, above the masters to defend the homeland ". The police rushed to the scene, the atmosphere has not eased, the property owners request to withdraw, the impact of the door, suddenly a fire extinguisher powder spray. The guard and from the other side of the channel into the office, and the outbreak of smoke in the building. Then, the old property responsible person to talk, but was forced to return to the building. As of 11, the cleaning staff exit under the coordination of the police, but has not yet started the handover. It is understood that a month before the new commission was established, and start hiring new property, Vanke property to 2.48 yuan per square meter price was elected. The police have been trying to maintain, although many times during the clashes occurred, even impact police signs, the final situation not out of control. Modern Express reporter learned that the owners escort impact of office building, the property out of sticks and other drive, and use the fire extinguisher, powder spraying very uncomfortable with danger of suffocation, and the guards took the property in the kitchen and raw vegetables such as mineral water bottles to hit. Extended video (this video has nothing to do with the original, for reference only). What what blame owners dissatisfied with the service to change the property security knife was crazy to catch up

南京江宁最大小区换物业 业主持盾牌头盔与物业对峙 现代快报讯(记者 孙玉春 见习记者 马万里)11月5日,南京江宁托乐嘉小区预定进行物业交接,由于老物业不愿撤出,现场剑拔弩张,有部分业主甚至自购盾牌头盔防刺手套,组成业主护卫队与老物业对峙。现代快报记者在现场看到,一大早物业的大批保洁员就守在了物业办公楼门口,8点半左右,大批业主赶来,高喊苏州爱涛离开。期间业主发放T恤,上面有当家做主保卫家园字样。民警赶到后,现场气氛仍未缓解,业主要求物业撤出,冲击大门,突然有灭火器干粉喷出。业主护卫队又从另一侧通道进入办公楼,又在楼内爆发烟雾。随后,老物业负责人出面,但谈了几句又被迫返回楼内。截至11点,保洁员在民警协调下退出,但交接仍未开始。据了解,一个月前新业委会成立,并启动新物业选聘,万科物业以2.48元每平米价格当选。由于民警一直尽力维持,虽然期间多次发生肢体冲突,甚至有冲击民警迹象,最终事态没有失控。现代快报记者又了解到,在业主护卫队冲击办公楼时,物业拿出了木棍等驱赶,并使用干粉灭火器,粉末喷出后非常难受有窒息危险,而护卫队则拿了物业厨房里的生瓜等蔬菜以及矿泉水瓶对砸。扩展视频(本视频与原文无关,仅作参考) 什么仇什么怨 业主不满服务要换物业竟遭保安提刀疯狂追赶相关的主题文章: