Nanning the wife suspected her husband derailed divorce truth idea too Mistress is her husband xhero

Nanning: the wife suspected her husband derailed divorce truth idea too: Mistress is the husband of Nanning News Network – Nanning evening news (reporter Liang Jing correspondent Author: Yu Yi Li) wife suspected her husband derailment, and find out the "mistress" underwear photos, condoms, etc. at home video discs. Ali to sue for divorce, compensation for mental solatium 100 thousand yuan. Hearing the case, the truth was astonishing: CD "Lingerie Photos, mistress" are Ali husband, claiming to engage in the broadcast on the network. The day before, the ironic divorce disputes in Jiangnan District Court Wu Wei court concluded. Ali and Jiang are "80", the two fell in love after marriage. In the beautiful view, although a strong than his mistress, but not mature, good for your care. However, their daughter was born in early 2013 after a strong start, but often yebuguisu. In the beautiful view the signs, the husband outside "people". So, Ali began at home in a search, actually found four "mistress" Lingerie Photos, the woman in the photo or underwear or short skirts, long hair fluttering slightly plump body. In addition, Ali also from home pulls out a condom and a video. Before looking at these things, Ali is very angry, sued her husband to the Southern District Court of Wu Wei court, claims the spirit of solatium 100 thousand yuan. The court, in the face of Ali hands "mistress" pornographic video discs and other evidence, a husband actually said in photos and videos of the "woman" is in fact himself, the women dress just to be broadcast live network. Hearing these words, Ali identify carefully for a long time, also agreed with this argument, and confirmed that the video was recorded in their home. Ali said the trial, her husband, just a driver, he did not expect a webcast of the hobby, so insisted on divorce. Because of strong also agreed to divorce, so the court granted the divorce, the two sides to raise her daughter ali. For Ali’s claim, the judge pointed out that according to the relevant provisions, the spirit of solatium claim is based on "who has a spouse living with others", which has a spouse and extramarital sex, not in the name of husband, sustained and stable living together. While Ali submitted evidence is not sufficient to prove a strong presence of cohabitation outside marriage, therefore does not support.  相关的主题文章: