Nanning TV politics has 12 visits 11 rectification in

Nanning TV Political visit: 12 issues have 11 rectification in place, the return visit found that the vast majority of counties can take effective measures for the existing problems, and actively carry out rectification. Such as the exposure of Binyang County Qingping reservoir drinking water source protection area sewage directly into the reservoir, Binyang County immediately organize relevant departments on the issue of regulation, at the same time, the organization of the county towns and the units of cadres and workers more than 6000 people watched the TV politics playback, improve awareness and environmental awareness of cadres. West Nanning international logistics enterprise site vehicle base with mud, import exposure is not standardized, west road network construction flushing delay problem, Liangqing District requirements related enterprises open drains, and sent to the sidewalk clean cleaning sprinkler, sent to wash the road, passing vehicles requirements must be washed clean in order to exit the Yinhai avenue. The wide Qingxiu Yue Ling consumptive field surrounding the existence of illegal dumping phenomenon, not to chengguanju consumptive field record, hardware facilities do not meet the relevant requirements, timely notify the consumptive field required to improve the facilities construction of the Municipal Urban Management Bureau, the construction of two sedimentation tank, equipped with water cannon, management workshop, equipped with sprinkler installation video system. At the same time, increase the management personnel, improve the ledger system, strengthen the command of the vehicles out and out, timely elimination of security risks. For the Guangxi ASEAN Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee Ma Lan Tun garbage harmless treatment project is not put into operation, the inspection team requested rectification on the spot, the CMC promised in November this year before the rectification completed.

南宁电视问政回访:12个问题已有11个整改到位   此次回访发现,绝大部分县区能针对存在问题采取有效措施,积极开展整改。如宾阳县清平水库饮用水源保护区污水直接排入水库问题曝光后,宾阳县立即组织相关部门对问题点进行整治,同时组织全县各镇各单位干部职工6000多人收看该期电视问政回放,提高干群知晓率和环保意识。南宁国际物流基地西区企业工地车辆带泥进出、冲洗不规范、西区路网修建拖延问题曝光后,良庆区要求相关企业开渠排水,并派专人对便道进行打扫保洁,派出洒水车及时冲洗路面,要求过往车辆必须冲洗干净才能驶出银海大道。对青秀区广岳岭消纳场周边存在非法弃土现象、没有到市城管局消纳场备案、硬件设施不符合相关要求的问题,市城管局及时通知该消纳场按要求完善各项设施建设,建设二级沉淀池、配备管理高压水枪、配备洒水车间、装设视频系统等。同时增加管理人员,完善台账制度,加强对进出车辆的指挥,及时消除安全隐患。   针对广西-东盟经济技术开发区管理委员会马兰屯生活垃圾无害化处理项目未投入运营问题,督查组当场要求限期整改,该管委会承诺在今年11月前整改完毕。相关的主题文章: