National examination registration 24, 18 deadline for the hottest jobs in Sichuan 6791 (Figure) (vid

National examination registration 24 to 18 when the hottest job competition in Sichuan (Figure) mapping Yang Shicheng, 24, 18, the 2017 national civil service exam registration will close the network registration channel. As of October 23rd 16, according to statistics of public education in Sichuan, the 2017 country Zhaolu test position is located in Sichuan’s position, the total number of audits for 41114 people, there are 8 positions in the "zero registration". The hottest jobs IRS clerk competition than 679:1 from the current statistical data, the most popular posts in Neijiang (micro-blog) in Dongxing District, the IRS section two of this position." The examination expert Yang Zhiwei interpretation of Sichuan in public education, the job recruiting only one person, 679 people have passed the audit at present, will enter the next stage of the selection process. This position for tax administration, belonging to the position of the western remote areas, academic requirements for undergraduate and above, major in mechanical manufacturing, control engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, architecture, project management and other related professional, for working age, degree and so no restrictions. Reporters learned that the position of work in Sichuan, the most competitive registration of the top ten, the national tax system accounted for a total of eight seats, is the traditional popular registration". In addition to the Neijiang city Dongxing District National Taxation Bureau, Dazhou (micro-blog) Dalcheon district tax bureau, Luzhou (micro-blog, WeChat) Naxi district tax bureau and other units of the position, in the "hot" column. In addition, the post office of Ganzi (micro-blog) Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan province Reserve Bureau of material competition is fierce. 8 position "zero registration" candidates are advised to avoid hot cold compared to choose the competitive position, equally unpopular position. At present, there are 8 jobs no one through the audit, the "zero registration", experts suggested that the examinee can according to their own situation, choose than unpopular positions, level of play. Reporters learned that the eight positions, the Sichuan Provincial Meteorological Bureau (micro-blog) accounted for 6 seats, in addition to the southwest nuclear and radiation safety supervision station and the China Insurance Regulatory Commission Sichuan authority. The Meteorological Bureau of Sichuan province code for the 1012001003 position as an example, by the departments of Dazhou Municipal Meteorological bureau. This position requires Bachelor degree or above, major in atmospheric science, meteorology, applied meteorology, but in the work experience requirements, there are more than 2 years working experience in meteorological service. In the southwest of nuclear and radiation safety supervision station code 0901695002 for example, requirements of nuclear science and engineering master or above, also have requirements for political affiliation and age, which emphasizes the basic experience and engaged in the work of recruiting jobs required by the relevant professional, at the same time required to obtain the corresponding degree and diploma. West China Metropolis Daily reporter Lai Fangjie editor note: the video has nothing to do with the original, only to expand the reading of the 2017 national exam registration is nearing completion相关的主题文章: